Chapter 9 – 10 years old

I reached the age of ten without any incident.

And when it was morning I woke and begin my daily beauty regimen, I realized these last few months that I could use my healing magic which was abnormal to improve my voice and have been doing so these last few months. On top of that the same healing magic could reshape my body. Nowadays on top of my usual regimen, I would play the piano and sing. My father said my voice sounded like an angel descended from heaven and the maids and servants would stop all their work to listen to me sing. Mother and Jack my brother would always be there to listen to me play the piano and sing. I wonder is it really that good my old voice would have sounded like a toad but I guess these last few months with my healing magic my voice has changed.

Another thing that bothered me was that when I took the kismet fruit, it took me a few months and my magic power growth was stable until I was nine years old. My magic power had plateaued at least that’s what I thought, but suddenly when I was nine years old my magic power began to grow at first by a little, then by an abnormal amount. I wonder what is happening, have I become an overpowered character in the Otome Game “The Flower of a Love” ?

My father was with me at breakfast this morning, I asked him,

“Have you heard of the new religion growing in the neighboring land next to ours as well as in Mira?” I asked my father.

Daryl, my father smiled at me and said, “Yes I heard they worshipped the goddess of light and kindness, Sarah. She is really a very popular goddess and the religion is geared towards the peasants. It’s a really popular religion that preaches love and kindness and to group together to help the poor and destitute. I heard the Duke’s son next to us has become the high Pope of the religion. And the an ex adventurer here in Mira is now one of his bishops. I heard the goddess Sarah is really beautiful but I think you my dear daughter Sarah is more beautiful”, as he said that he blushed like a school girl. Both my mother and brother nodded in agreement.

“The point of difference in this religion is that their goddess does descend to the mortal realm from time to time to help the people, I heard that from their believers, in fact we have a lot of believers in the goddess Sarah’s religion in this household’s servants”, my brother added.

“Even among my retainers they seem to say that Sarah is a really wonderful being for descending onto the mortal realm to help the normal people and not the nobles, I believe a lot of people will convert to the Sarah religion. However nobles view this religion as the religion of the peasants and will shun it” my Mother chimed in.

After we talked more I broke off with my parents at breakfast and glided to see my magic instructor Harold which look like an old grandpa butler with his white mustache.

On the way there I was twirling my hair which has changed to pure silver color, a result of eating the kismet fruit supplement pill on a daily basis. My silver hair is now even more beautiful than when my hair was silvery and gold in color. It is like my hair is spun on silver threads.

When I reached Harold’s studies I greeted him,

“Good morning Harold” and I did a curtsy.

Harold’s face as usual blushed red and he greeted me, “Good morning lady Sarah”.

“Master Harold is there more than six attributes to magic ?”, I said that as I smiled at him.

“No, lady Sarah, as I said before there are only six attributes to magic. They are fire, wind, earth, water, light and dark magic”. As he said that he looked at me lovingly while smiling like a wise old man.

“Is there any magic that allows you create objects or things ?”, I asked him.

“No lady Sarah there are none, to create anything you would need the powers of gods”, he said it sweetly like a school teacher in love.

Hmm I said in my heart, these last few months I discovered I have a seventh attribute magic which I called creation magic, it allows me to create objects and things out of thin air. At first I could only create small objects but as the months progressed I was able to create bigger and bigger objects. Is this power unusual ? I keep thinking to myself.

“Lady Sarah….”, Harold shook me out of my self contemplation with his kind voice.

“Master Harold, lately I have been feeling that my magic power has been growing”.

“Is that so Lady Sarah, then let’s test out your magic near the forest”, he cooed.

Harold ambled, while I glided along the foot path made of oval shaped stone from my house to the nearby forest, when we reached our destination, Harold said,

“Lady Sarah since you have already learned all six attributes of magic from me and the tutors I provided, let’s see you make a small fireball magic, the smallest you can make and aim it at that tree and try to singe that tree a little”.

“Ok”, I replied, I took a stance readied my arm and created a fireball without chanting (another thing which was unusual about me I use chantless magic while everyone else needs to chant), the fireball created was the size of an Earth’s truck, from, the sound of the giant fireball made as it flew from my hand. Boom, the sound of the fireball made as it crashed against a forest of trees and made a huge explosion sound.

What was left was a crater on the ground, totally lifeless and devoid from any trees. I could see Harold’s expression, his eyes went opened, his mouth opened and he dropped his jaw.

“Next try a small waterfall, this time making it the smallest waterfall Lady Sarah”, Harold smiled nervously as he said that.

A waterball was created the size of a Earth truck, I aimed at the crater, from, the sound of the waterball flying from my hand towards the crater. Boom, the sound made as the waterball crashed against the crater and created a small lake.

“Uhh, try wind magic as tiny as possible to wave away a few specks of dust”, Harold said.

I stretched my arm out aimed at the lake and a tornado appeared and ravaged the lake taking all the water away and creating a hole in the ground a giant hole.

“Uhh, earth magic move the earth a bit just a few centimeters”, Harold winced.

I pointed my finger at the giant hole in the ground, the earth shook as a mini earthquake started and a giant amount of earth covered the hole in the ground.

“Light magic…..” Harold smiled like a crazy person while saying that.

My arm stretched out, my finger pointed at the spot where there is new earth and light flowed from my finger to the new spot and a brand new forest suddenly sprang out from the ground.

“………..” Harold let out a groan, “dark magic….”

I pointed my finger at the new forest and the new forest began to die and decay as darkness shot out from my finger towards the new forest.

“Umm, Lady Sarah, I think I need to teach you how to control your magic power with something I call magic control it will allow you to control the amount of magic power to use, once you learn that you should be able to control your magic powers again”, Harold smiled as he said that. He mumbled then something about the power is so dangerous it can destroy the World.

“Thank you Master Harold”, I said that as I smiled sweetly causing Harold’s face to turn beetroot red and him to grasp his heart.

We spent our practicing in the forest nearby my home and soon I was able to master control of my growing magic power.

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