Chapter 10 – Potage

The sun shone its warm ray of light as awoke after a few days of training to control my magic power. I was now able to control my growing magic powers.

As I awoke, I could hear the sweet voice of my maid Juno,

“Lady Sarah, good morning”

“Juno…”, I called out her name.

“Ahh.. Sarah good morning”, Juno replied.

“Good morning Juno”, as I said that I smiled sweetly at Juno my maid. She remembered me telling her to be informal when we are inside the house.

As I finished my daily beauty regimen, I glided down the stairs with Juno in tow. When we reached the breakfast table, my father, mother and Jack my brother was already awaiting me.

“Good morning papa, mama and Jack”, I said. Jack had asked me to wish him good morning as Jack and not as a brother since he said I wished good morning to my father and mother as papa and mama. I acquiescence to his request.

“Good morning Sarah”, my parents and Jack all chimed in together.

As we sat down to have breakfast we chatted away happily and I heard from my brother Jack something very interesting.

“Brian, the Marquis of Rhine’s son has been upset lately. His mother is getting sicker and sicker…”, my brother Jack said.

Hmm, I said in my heart, in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, one of the main capture target is Brian the Marquis of Rhine’s son, his mother was sickly and died at an early age causing him to spend all his time and effort in studies. He was also known as a genius and possesses two attributes of magic. Due to his magic powers, good grades and handsome features he was known as one of the best capture targets in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”. His interaction with the Villainess is limited and there is no death flag for me even if he gets captured, should I get involved, he still only 11 years old, the same age as my brother Jack. Should I help him and rescue his mother so he does not end up grouchy and serious all the time like in the game. I am sure if I save his mother his appeal in the game would rise up a few notches and the heroine would target to capture his heart. I should definitely help Brian and save her mother I mumbled in my heart. I shall increase the appeal of Brian, the Marquis of Rhine’s son.

As we discussed during breakfast I arranged with my brother and father to meet up with Brian and her mother Lilian. My plan was all set and I could not help the smile that was forming up in my mouth. It made quite a few servants faint. Don’t know why they fainted but when they saw my natural smile most of them grasped their heart and fainted.

“So.. beautiful”, Juno my maid said.

“Sarah, you are just so beautiful”, Juno my maid chimed again.

A few days later I had my veil on ready to go see Brian and her mother Lilian with my brother Jack. Originally my father insisted on coming along with us , but my mother stopped him. She said it will be good for the kids to spend time together to bond. My father mumbled something about his beautiful sheep spending time with a wolf is no good. My brother on the hand had a beaming smile etched on his face as though he had won the lottery and his chest is puffed up like a peacock.

As we arrived at the Duke of Rhine’ s Manor we were greeted by the butler and ushered in to meet Brian and Lilian.

“Lady Sarah, it is nice to meet you”, Lilian said that while Brian grumbled,

“Why did you invite Sarah the pig here”, he bared his teeth.

Seeing that my brother Jack went into a fury and grasped his sword and growled,

“I will kill you for dishonoring my sister !”

I gently touched his hand to stop him, Jack’s face flushed red and his movements stopped while his body trembled. I pulled off my veil in front of Lady Lilian and Brian her son.

Lilian eyes stared at me as though they would pop out and her mouth formed an O. Brian’s eyes glued onto my face and body while his mouth opened and his jaw dropped.

I could hear the sounds of faint whispers from them, “beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…” as the whispered the same mantra over and over again like zombies caught in a trance.

“Ahem.. Lady Lilian I hope you don’t mind me spending a few days here with you to observe how you live and help you regain your health”, I said softly to her.

“Not at all”, she replied with a smile.

While Brian just stared at me speechlessly.

Jack had a wry smile on his face as he looked at both Brian and Lilian. The servants surrounding had their mouths’ agape and their faces’ flushed red.

In the next few days of observing Lady Lilian and keeping Brian away from me and my body (with the help of Jack of course) , I discovered the reason for Lilian’s ill health and why no healers hired by the Marquis has ever been able to cure her. Lilian eats too much meat and eats no vegetables, she does not excercise, she keeps away hidden from the sun and she eats too little, she is basically killing herself due to an unhealthy lifestyle hence she tends to fall sick easily. She has a serendity lifestyle coupled with her weak constitution she will die easily when she falls sick in a World where is there is no antibiotics.

I found out that she does not like vegetables luckily for her I have been improved my cooking skills as well and created a vegetable soup for her, a potage, a creamy soup. I let her try my carrot and pumpkin soup and Lilian loved it. She could not get enough of it and said it was tasty.

Next I got Brian to accompany her to the garden everyday to excercise with her. If it is just her she won’t venture out into the garden but since her son asked her to accompany her in garden everyday she is forced to do so since she loves her son. I also managed to get them to reduce the amount of clothing they wear in the garden, telling them don’t wear so much clothes your body needs sunlight, it will make you healthier.

In a few weeks time Lilian’s health has improved tremendously and she goes on walks with Brian everyday in the garden willingly. She also wears less clothes in the garden and now believes in absorbing the sun’s ray to keep her body healthy. My work is done with Lilian’s heatlth ensured, she will not die and Brian won’t be so moody, this will enhance his appeal to the heroine in the future as he will not be so moody. I smugly smiled to myself thinking I have achieved my objective and made Brian more appealing as a capture target for the heroine.

Little did I know that this would be the start of the career of a pervert, a legend in the Rhine region, the legend of Brian the flasher of Rhine.

Brian, the Marquis of Rhine’s son POV

When I was told by my friend Jack and his father the Duke of Mira that Sarah the pig was a great healer and wanted to help my mother improve her health, I scoffed at the idea. However my a mother welcomed that idea and invited Sarah the pig here together with Jack her brother.

When Sarah and Jack appeared in front of my mother and me, my mother welcomed them, while I shouted obscenities at Sarah, I could not stand having Sarah the pig here, she said to be the ugliest girl in the Kingdom of Flowers maybe the ugliest girl in the World. Then, I could not understand the enraged features of my friend Jack as he wanted to kill me and eve announce it so just to protect the dignity of Sarah the pig.

It was utter shock then when Sarah unveiled her veil, beautiful silver hair that glowed in the sun, wide exotic eyes cast in blue sapphire that shone like the sun, perfect rose red lips that anyone would want to kiss, beautiful or eve perfect face of a goddess and the body that is perfect in proportion. I was shocked and my mind went blank. I did not know what happened in the next few minutes after that. I think I was I fell in love with lady Sarah at first sight, she will forever be my first love.

The next few days I tried getting close to lady Sarah but her cousin brother Jack always gets in the way, I did not réalisé how big of a sis-con Jack was until now. He kept on threatening me that he would kill me but I just ignored him and tried to get close to Sarah. Jack even glared at me a few times when Sarah was not looking. He even tried to push me down the hill when Sarah was not looking, he really is a sick individual, I did not expect him to be such a big sis-con (sister lover). However I can understand his love for Sarah, she is so beautiful and so kind. Even though I said such rude things to her, she was still putting in all her effort to help my mother Lilian. I began to think of Sarah as a beautiful goddess and fell more deeply in love with her.

A few days later, Sarah asked me to help my mother by asking me to accompany my mother for morning walks along the garden to get fresh air and excercise. At first my mother was reluctant but after I begged her she acquiescence to my request, after all I had to impress Lady Sarah. At first my mother got tired easily but after a few days her skin and strength improved from the morning excercise and sunlight. Ahhh, also my mother was wearing her underwear and so was I, I was half naked when accompanying my mother to get more sunlight on the advice of Sarah the goddess, after a few weeks Sarah left us. By then my mother was a proponent of walking almost naked in the garden to get more sunshine on her skin and eating potage soup on a daily basis. I was so grateful to Sarah for saving my mother, in my heart I could only think of Sarah and would ask my mother and father to ask for Sarah’s hand in marriage. However my father’s reply was that Daryl, Sarah’s father said that Sarah has had her heart broken by the 4th prince once and he did not wish to engage her again to another suitor at such a young age. I also received a threatening letter from Sarah’s brother breaking off our friendship and threatening to kill me if I take Sarah away from him.

During one of our morning walks, my mother lamented to me that no one in the Kingdom of Flowers or even in our territory knows the benefits of sunbathing for our health and wished she could do something about it as most people are prudes and hide in the shadows fully clothed. I then hit upon the idea by promoting nakedness to the people of my territory. I would wear a long coat and take it off in my territory and tell them to look at my naked body. My mother was proud of me, my father not so much and kept on apologizing to the people of Rhine. But mom always stood up to defend me. I think I am on the right path and shall promote Sarah’s teaching of nakedness and sunbathing is good for you health, I am sure Sarah is proud of me. I shall become the greatest promoter of nakedness and will try to show everyone around the World my naked body !

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