Chapter 11 – 11 years old

My name is Sarah, I have reached the age of eleven and my beauty and magic power continues to grow at an abnormal rate. At least those close to me has developed some immunity towards my beauty, my papa, my mama and my lovely brother Jack. Ahh I forgot to include my wonderful maid Juno, Andre my guard, my magic tutor Harold, my teachers and the group of orphans I adopted so many years ago (one of them is Sato).

It is coming close to the age I have to make my debut in society when I reach the age of twelve. I also have my brother’s friend which comes over often and seems to make my brother upset. Brian another of my brother’s friend comes over often and most of the time he wears a long coat and is naked underneath, I have told him many times to wear some clothes and he would always smile at me and blush. What is he thinking ???

Brian the Marquis of Rhine’s POV

Sarah really cares for me, she always ask me to wear clothes, I shall never strip in front of her. She really loves me and cares for me. She is so kind and beautiful, I love her, she is a goddess.

Going back to Sarah’s POV

I have ask my brother Jack, why Brian is naked under his coat most of the time and he would grumble that Brian is no friend of his and whether I would allow him to kick him out of the house. My brother is such a kidder, whenever he says that I would laugh at his joke and smile at him, Jack’s face would then flush red, his eyes would look down and his shoulder’s would tremble and he would pretend to laugh with me all the while, while saying that maybe we do not have to kick out Brian.

My father would grumble all the time about something to do with wolves keep on coming to his home to steal his pretty sheep whenever he sees Ryan or Brian in our house. I did not know that father was so into sheep farming and that his knowledge of wolves movements were so extensive.

My brother Jack seems to ignore Ryan his best friend anytime he comes over to see him and Ryan seems to ignore my brother Jack as well. Are they truly best friends ???

Ryan the Marquis son’s POV

I love Sarah so much whenever I go to visit Sarah I have to deal with her idiot brother, when did Jack become so obsessed with her sister, are they even brother and sister ? Jack keeps on telling me if we want to remain best friends , I have to stop visiting him or Sarah, he will come over to visit me. But my intention all the while was to visit Sarah, I have fallen in love with her beauty and her kindness. I love everything about Sarah but I really hate Jack.. ah , I also hate Brian another idiot out to capture Sarah’s heart but I think Sarah has not notice our love for her yet, she can sometimes be too dense on the matters of the heart.

Back to Sarah’s POV

Whenever Jack, Ryan, Brian and me are around we would play in the garden, I would sing to them. Most of the time those boys would try to compete to hold my hand. I wonder why ? My father would glare at them like a hawk watching over his little chick whenever they try to do that.

I have also noticed that I have started developing breast, even though they are small they are starting to develop. Is it unusual to develop breast at such a young age in this World (I mean this is not Earth). I do not know. What is confusing me even more is that my body have started to develop curves which is starting to make my body look sexy, do eleven years old start to develop curves. I don’t know. But I do know I have become even more beautiful at the age of eleven years old compared to when I was ten years old.

During my free time, I have studied and improved my culinary skills in the kitchen, hence my ability to create a potage, a vegetable soup in cream which did not exist in this World. I do cook for myself and for my papa, my mama, my brother Jack, his friends, my friends the orphans and people I come into contact with.

Whenever I cook something for my dad or my brother they have the look of joy in their eyes and would quickly swallow the food down while always saying the word delicious, delicious repeatedly. I can understand their thought as this World’s cuisine is limited, most of the food cooked in this World is just salted without any herbs or spices although spices exist in this World most of them use it as medicine and never thought to use it in their cookings. It’s even worse for the peasants, they do not even use salt in their cookings. Hence, I have decided to improve the cuisines of this World. My family and acquaintances will be my guinea pigs.

My cooking skill is nothing to scoff at is one of highest level as when I was born as Lilian my previous reincarnation I needed to be a great cook to be an organic beautician because I had to make vegetables and other healthy food taste really good. Hmm my previous reincarnation’s name is the same name as Brian’s mothers name. He.. he..

However there is something I am weak at, I am not a great seamstress or very good at sewing. I can make do but it is just basic sewing.

I have to get ready for my debut when I reach the age of twelve, I wonder when I reach the age of twelve will it be an uneventful event, I don’t want to raise any death flags or cause any complications to my parents. I have talked to my father about having a small debut in our house and he seems to be overjoyed about it. My brother Jack together with his friends Ryan and Brisn also seems to like the idea a lot, when I proposed it, the three of them looked like they had won the lottery. One of them even did a fist pump.

Well it all looks set that my twelve year’s old birthday and debut will it be an uneventful event for me and my family…

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