Chapter 12 – King Julien

King Julien Von Flowers’ POV

My name is King Julien Von Flowers, I am currently the king for the Kingdom of Flowers. My best friend and old classmate was Daryl Von Hill the Duke of Mira. My wife is not a great beauty, she has blonde hair the same as me but she looks homely and is kind. I have tried to instill in my children, all four princes, no princesses to my regret that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You should look beyond looks and look at the heart of the person you love. Unfortunately, the fourth prince prince Jules has broken off his engagement with my best friend’s daughter and accused as being fat as a pig and as ugly as pig. Since then rumors has surfaced of how ugly Sarah is from her wearing a veil in the town of Mira, to her chasing two bandits away with her features alone, as well as the most recent rumors that she scared monsters away from a merchant caravan (an unimportant event which I shall cover in the next chapter, it will make you laugh). Even if she is ugly, I still feel that prince Jules should have given her a chance and look at her heart beyond her facial feature.

Sigh, looks like I made a mistake in pairing my son prince Jules with Sarah. I feel apologetic to my best friend Daryl Von Hill. I wonder if he can ever forgive me for the actions of my son Jules. I would have like to engage Sarah to the 3rd prince, John Von Flowers if I had a choice, but he already has a fiancée, Mary, the Marquis of Bestos daughter.

As I sit on my golden lettered oaken chair carved with designs of Oojos and flowers, I move my hand across an intricately carved desk with Oojos and flowers designed on it. The desk is oaken inlaid with gold trims. I was moving papers about and next to me was the kingdom’s master magician and one of my friends, Crowley the Dark Mage. He specializes in dark magic.

I was doing my work with Crowley one of my most trusted advisor next to me. He seems to want to say something as his eyes and mouth moved ever so slightly. Crowley is bald with not a shred of hair on him, his nose looks like a vultures beak and is pointed while his eyes look beady and depressing , with his dark eye colour it makes him look even worse. Crowley literally looks like a villain but I have known him for many years since we were in school together and he has never once betrayed me. He has sacrificed for the kingdom and did great deeds to help the kingdom of Flowers. That’s why my philosophy to look beyond looks is correct or I could never find someone as talented as him to serve as my court mage.

“King Julien”, Crowley murmured.

“Yes, Crowley…”, replied King Julien.

“I was thinking of my and your old friend Daryl and his daughter Sarah”, Crowley said as he smiled deviously.

“Yes, what is it speak up we are among friends here”, King Julien replied.

“Ahhh, about the matter of the 4th prince’s broken engagement with Daryl’s daughter do you not feel guilty about it”, Crowley crowed as he smiled even more deviously.

“Yes I do but there is nothing I can do about it”, King Julien replied.

“But there is something you can do about it”, as Crowley said that a sinister smile formed on his face.

“What is it, speak up Crowley”, King Julien replied while his eyes shone and a kind smile appeared on his face.

“While Daryl’s daughter Sarah has been humiliated with a broken engagement with the 4th prince and Sarah has been kept pretty much isolated in the Duke of Mira’s household, there has not been much interest in Sarah’s hand for marriage. I have heard no one has asked for Sarah’s hand in marriage (this is a lie as Ryan and Brian’s family have been fighting tooth and nail against Daryl, Sarah’s dad and Jack, Sarah’s cousin brother for her hand in marriage) except for a few weird and sinister nobles not worthy of mention. If we were to hold Sarah’s twelve year old debut in your highness castle among foreign dignitaries and all the nobles we can invite, I am sure we can find a groom for poor dear Sarah. After all I am sure you have heard all the rumors on how ugly Sarah is. And it all started because prince Jules spread the rumors throughout the kingdom that Sarah is fat as a pig and she looks like a pig”, Crowley crowed as his smile widened to that of a clown.

“You are right, Crowley, make the arrangements, I will talk to Daryl, I have to make it up to him and his daughter”, King Julien said while he buzzed with excitement.

Somewhere in the Dukedom of Mira, the Duke has been sneezing non-stop.

Crowley the Dark Mage’s POV

My name is Crowley, I am a great master magician and the court mage for the Kingdom of Flowers. I specialize in Dark magic. I know the king and Daryl Von Hill the Duke of Mira as we both studied in the same school. We became friends or at least some of us did, most of the time since I was not a noble and I was good at my studies I was bullied relentlessly. However King Julien did become my friend and never bullied me, that cannot be said for his best friend Daryl the Duke of Mira which kept on calling me ,”Creepy Crowley” until the name stuck. And everyone in school started calling me Creepy Crowley. I really hated Daryl, but there was nothing I could do about it as he was a noble and I a commoner. School progress and the bullying became worse but I stuck to my guns as was able to prove myself.

I was so proud when I became a master magician. What surprised me even more was when I was appointed the court mage for the Kingdom of Flowers by my friend King Julien, the only person to have never bullied me. I accepted immediately of course and devoted my life and work to King Julien and the Kingdom of Flowers. I achieved many great things and gained fame and power. I also became one of the trusted advisor to King Julien.

Years went by and I have forgotten the name “Creepy  Crowley”, I was happy. But it was short lived, memories of my pain resurfaced upon hearing prince Jules broken engagement with Sarah, Daryl’s daughter. When I heard of the rumors that she was fat as a pig and ugly as a pig, it reminded me of my own features and how I was bullied by Daryl and given the name Creepy Crowley. You deserved it, I said in my heart on the broken engagement between Prince Jules and Sarah.

I then decided to administer more misery to Daryl Von Hill by suggesting to hold Sarah’s twelve year old debut in the royal palace. I will utterly humiliate her and her father for all the years of pain Daryl has caused me. I will be sure to invite all the nobles and as many foreign dignitaries as possible and then I shall unveil poor ugly Sarah among the high society of the kingdom and foreign countries. I bet you Daryl will die of emberassment and Sarah will suffer the utmost humiliation. I will be sure to force all the nobles to come as well as force all the princes to come to this event. Aah, I am so excited about this ultimate humiliation for Daryl and his daughter Sarah.

Daryl Von Hill’s POV

I was having such a good day when I was summoned to the royal capital by the king, King Julien my best friend. I rushed over there thinking it was some emergency and met him at his study room.

“King Julien”, Daryl called out

“Ha, ha, no need to be so formal just Julien will do Daryl, or are you still angry at me for the broken engagement of the 4th prince and Sarah”, King Julien replied.

“Ah, no Julien, in fact I think the matter has been settled and I am quite happy about it”, Daryl replied and smiled kindly.

“About that matter, I was thinking of making it up to Sarah by having her twelve year old debut at my royal palace, I will arrange for it”, King Julien said kindly.

“What… more wolves to attack my beautiful sheep”, Daryl mumbled.

“What did you say ?”, King Julien asked.

“Ah, nothing your majesty”, Daryl replied.

“Now Daryl I have already stated you do not have to be so formal, and if you do not take me up on my offer to hold Sarah’s twelve year old debut in the palace, I would be offended”, King Julien took a harsh tone.

“There is no way I can get out of this ?”, Daryl asked sadly while his mouth frowned.

“There is no way, just accept it as my apology to you my best friend”, King Julien said sternly.

“Very well, thank you your Majesty”, Daryl said sadly.

I rushed back home promptly to inform my wife and my daughter Sarah while murmuring how am I suppose to defend my precious beautiful sheep from such a large pack of wolves when they see her…

Back at home I told my wife that the small event we planned has now become a major event, she looks flustered and asked how will Sarah feel about it and what about transportation plans to bring our little princess to the capital as well as where will we stay. I told her not to worry and that the most important thing is that we need to break the news to Sarah. I was the most worried that she will be upset. When we told the news to Jack, he wanted to go to the royal capital to kill the King, me and my wife stopped him, I hope he was kidding when he said that he wanted to kill the King.

The servants called Sarah to come to see me in the dining area.

As I saw her beautiful figure gliding down the stairs to the dining area, I instinctively gulped down my saliva. How can I break this news to my Sarah, will she be upset seeing the 4th prince again. Sarah’s silver floated across the wind as she came down the stairs, her eyes shone like two sapphires and my face began to shake as well as my body and emotions began to tremble.

“Umm, Sarah, I have bad news, about your small debut in the house it has changed into a major event. Sarah you will hold your twelve year old debut in the royal palace under His Majesty’s orders”, I said sadly to her.

She remained expressionly and then smiled sweetly like an angel or goddess and said, “What’s the matter Papa ? Is something wrong ? I think it is a great idea to hold the debut in the royal palace. Don’t worry papa, I will be there with you”, she smiled again and hugged me.

The sweet scent of flowers flowed from her body to my nostrils and calmed down my mind. I said, “Thank you Sarah”.

As we hugged, Jack jumped in and tried to separate us mumbling Sarah is mine.

So preparations are underway to the royal capital, I wonder what adventures we the Mira household will encounter.

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