Chapter 13 – Merchant Rescue Squad Assemble

This happened before the event at the royal capital when Sarah was eleven years old.

“Good morning Sarah”, Juno my maid called out to me.

“Are you ready to go beyond the town of Mira to the Village of Ids which is nearby the forest of Mira”, Juno chimed in again.

“Yes, I am so happy that Andre, Jack, Brian and Sato will be accompanying me”, as I said so (Sarah), I smiled at Juno.

Most people do not know that the orphan picked up by Sarah currently aged twelve with blonde hair at the age of eleven (same age as Sarah) has become an excellent swordsman. He is currently studying to be an assassin. And his special move is to monitor people without anyone noticing it, basically he has mastered the art of stalking without anyone realizing it. Sarah keeps on calling him the Master Stalker.

As we got ready Juno and me (Sarah), we went down the stairs to have breakfast we could see Jack and Brian. Andre was accompanying us. As we all looked everywhere for Sato, I called out to him,

“Sato, where are you ?”

Appearing out of the shadows a figure behind me spoke,

“I am here mistress Sarah, use me as you wish”, as he said that Jack and Brian was grinding their teeth while Andre look to have a serious expression on his face and grasping his sword.

I let out a cute yelp from my surprise and said,

“Is that you Master Stalker”

“Yes it’s me Sato, mistress Sarah”, replied Sato.

As we finished breakfast together and the guys glared at each other I prepared my veil to move out of the Manor. Nowadays I never leave my house without my veil on, I think if anyone were to see me it would be distracting as I already can see the effects of the servants in this household, they all worship the new religion of Sarah the goddess of light and kindness and keep on asking me if I am Sarah the goddess because we look so much alike. It really irritated me to no end.

The servants working inside the house which I have contact with are the most ardent believers in the religion of Sarah and kept on saying I must be the goddess descended from heaven to help humankind. I have to tell them no I am Sarah descended from Daryl and Maria Von Hill, and I am here to help myself and my family. They would then dogdeza in front of me and I would walk away. The believers in the new religion of Sarah would always use the excuse that I am too beautiful to be human and that I have the same name as the goddess Sarah.

Aargh irritating. Hence after my veil is put on we began our journey in the Duke of Mira’s carriage. Andre was riding in front with the coachman as guard against monsters, while Jack and Brian was riding inside with me. Sato was nowhere to be seen, only to appear in the carriage whenever I call his name.

We were talking and enjoying our journey when suddenly we were warned by Andre, up ahead a group of merchants are being attacked by goblins.

“How many goblins are there ?”, I asked sweetly.

“About fifty dear sweet Sarah”, as Andre said that he smiled at me.

“We had better turn back lady Sarah ! It is dangerous”, the coachman said worriedly.

“When there are fifty goblins the danger level is higher than when there is one single strong monster”, the coachman added.

As he said that, I looked at Jack and Brian and asked their opinion, “What do you think we should do ?”

Andre, Jack, Brian and Sato appearing out of nowhere simultaneously said, “We will follow your orders lady Sarah !”.

I thought for a while, but it seems the situation has gotten critical with all the merchants running away leaving a lone carriage with a single merchant inside defending himself.

“Alright I say, let’s rescue them”, I said forcefully, I added, “Merchant Rescue Squad Assemble”, I had always wanted to say that as in my previous reincarnation as Lilian, I watched the movie Avengers with my younger brother and I always wanted to say the words, “Avengers Assemble !”. So I suppose as a compromise in this World saying Merchant Rescue Squad Assemble is quite gratifying.

As we rushed out to rescue them with my veil still on, the coachman refused to help us and stayed at the coach, he said that he will observe us and will only help us when necessary.

As we rushed out to attack them Sato disappeared, while Brian moved to the back of the goblins furtherest away from us, I followed behind Jack and Andre as they lead the way. When we reached the goblins attacking the carriage with the merchant in it, I pulled off my veil showing my face.

Every single goblin was stunned, the black haired merchant hiding in the carriage made a sound and then fainted in the carriage with a thud. It was about time to show these goblins the power of Sarah the mighty. Before I could even cast a spell behind me, a goblin pushed down a gunny sack to cover my whole body. I struggled in the gunny sack for a few minutes, when I freed myself the battle was over.

Standing next to me was Andre covered in wounds and scratches, I quickly healed him with my light magic. He said “Thank you Lady Sarah”, softly like a lover.

Next to him was Jack smiling like a maniac covered in goblin blood but not a scratch was seen on him. He softened his face and smiled at me sweetly.

Sato on the other hand was nowhere to be seen.

While at the far end I could smell the smell of smoke coming from the body of Brian as he wore his large coat.

What just happened ? I wondered in my mind.

As we just stood there, there was a murmur from the carriage, it was the sound of the lone merchant left behind.

As we walked over there Andre told me with a smile that they had successfully eliminated almost all the goblins, while what few goblins left had run away.

When we reached the carriage, the merchant introduced his name to us,

“Hello, my name is Venice, I am a merchant from the capital city, I am the youngest merchant in the Kingdom of Flowers”, Venice said.

“Oh, how old are you ?”, I asked.

“I am fifteen years old beautiful girl”, as he said that he winked at me as his face turned red.

“Let me kill him”, Jack growled when he saw that.

As we talked with the grateful merchant Venice, we discovered that his group of friends had run off with the injured guards and merchants to the Village of Ids to get help. He said help should be coming soon. After we talked for a while Venice said he owed me his life and if there is anything I need he would do it. I smiled as I heard that, I ask him to help me to form my own merchant company and work for me. Venice agreed saying,

“I would do anything for you beautiful lady”

As he said that I could hear four peoples teeth grinding away in anger. I put on my veil at that moment.

“What name shall we call our new merchant group ?”, Venice asked while he smiled slyly.

“Hmm”, I thought for a while before saying, “Let’s call it the Rescue Squad Merchant Group”, as I said that I passed him a bag of gold, I said loudly, “My name is Sarah, I am the daughter of the Duke of Mira !”. As I said that I noticed a group of adventurers and merchants standing behind me with stiff faces. On that day the rumor of Sarah the Duke of Mira’s daughter being so ugly she scared off a group of goblins / monsters started.

The coachman of the Duke of Mira’s household POV

I am the coachman for the house of Mira, I work for the Duke of Mira.

Today was suppose be just a normal trip to take the Duke of Mira’s beautiful daughter to the Village of Ids, I know the rumors that the Duke’s daughter being ugly is not true as I caught a glimpse of her beauty once when her veil flew off when she left the carriage. When that happened my old body trembled, my face flushed red and I grasped my heart. I thought that Sarah was as beautiful as a goddess.

I was transporting an idiot in love, Andre the guard, Sato, a stalker in training, Brian, the Marquis of Rhine’s son and a famous flasher, and finally to top it all off we had the greatest sis-con I have ever seen in the World, Jack, Sarah’s brother.

When we were almost at the Village of Ids, we saw a group of merchants being attacked by fifty goblins. I thought the first thing we should do is turn back, how can one idiot guard in love (Andre) and four children stop fifty goblins.

However lady Sarah was stubborn and wanted to help them and the four idiots in love followed her without any complaint. I was sure these five people would dead soon and I would have to report the sad news to the Duke and Duchess of Mira. That’s why I always believe to stay away from beautiful girl’s as you will start acting like a fool, hence I am almost fifty years old and I have never married. My mom has always told me never to trust a beautiful girl, they will control you easily when you are in love with them. Hence I have always tried to stay out of the way of Lady Sarah because I am sure I will become one of her love zombies.

As I watched this scene unfold, my expectations of their death was not disappointed. When lady Sarah took off her veil, the goblins was shocked, this allowed the flasher Brian to sneak up to the goblins rear guard which composed of goblin magicians and goblin archers. However as expected a goblin sneaked up behind Lady Sarah and trapped her in a gunny sack probably to rape her later.

Then contrary to my expectations, the battle began, Brian the flasher was a magician and moving into the thick of battle was a bad choice. Magicians have strong offensive magic and weak in defense hence they always stayed in the rear guard. Then Brian stripped off his coat and was completely naked, this shocked the goblin magicians and goblin archers at the rear guard. He would soon be toast, I thought but suddenly he lit up his entire body in flames and jumped at the goblin magicians and goblin archers and grabbed them in an instant. Brian incinerated the goblin magicians and goblin archers in an instant, they were suppose to be the goblins rear guard and long range offense. Brian with his body bathed in flame was like a “Human Torch”, he now had defense and offense, his body lit with flames was too hot to approach while when he jumped at you with his body’s flame the goblins turned to cinder. This was an unexpected development. Brian was a genius magician with two attributes, one of them was Fire.

As for Sato the stalker he was nowhere to be seen, I thought he had run away, but he was like the “Invisible Man”, only his knife can be seen appearing and disappearing, cutting down goblins left and right in the center of the group.

As for Jack the huge sis-con the moment he saw Sarah trapped in the gunny sacked, something in him changed, he had the eyes of a mad man and started moving through the goblins, his movements were fluid like water as he cut downs the goblin left and right while not a single goblin could even touch him, he looks terrific, no the more right word would be fantastic, I think I would call him, “Mister Fantastic”.

Finally the last one, Andre the love sick idiot guard, basically a total idiot, he managed to cut down and kill the goblin that put the gunny sack on Sarah. Then he stood as the front guard protecting Sarah and the carriage from the onslaught of the goblins. No matter how many times the goblins attacked him and cut him, he stood firm like some type of immovable object, no the right words would be some type of “Thing”.

In just an instant these four fools, the love struck idiot, the sis-con, the stalker and the flasher had eliminated all the goblins and whatever few goblins left alive fled into the forest of Mira.

And then lady Sarah escaped the gunny sack and saw all the goblins were gone.

Hah, I hope I don’t become one of Lady Sarah’s love zombies, she is dangerous, dangerous …

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