Chapter 14 – The Royal Capital Arc : Moving To The Capital

It was a few weeks before Sarah’s twelfth birthday, the Mira household was in havoc with the Duke, the Duchess, Lady Sarah and Jack getting ready to move to the royal capital.

Morning light was shining warmly through lady Sarah’s room with Sarah sitting there.

Sarah’s POV

I finished my beauty regimen, I think it will be a good thing to ask Sato to accompany me to the royal capital for my twelve year old debut, I think the royal family and the nobles will be shocked by my beauty. I suppose once my beauty is known, it should stop the spread of the rumor that Sarah, the Duke of Mira’s daughter is an ugly pig. But one thing for sure I definitely do not want to end up in an engagement with any of the heroine’s capture target to avoid the death flag and I do not want to stay at the royal capital on a permenant basis. Here’s hoping for the best. I smiled as I thought of these thoughts.

When my father Daryl broke the news to me he seems to be worried that I would be upset to see the prince again but I feel nothing for the prince right now and would not get in the heroine’s way for her to capture the 4th prince’s heart. I am definitely not jealous of the loser prince that can bad mouth a girl just because she was a little fat when she was a child. All I can say is good luck to the loser prince and the heroine if they end up together. Jules the prince might look a bit better than normal kids but he is definitely not the best looking one of all, Brian will grow up to me more handsome than him, but his terrible personality is really making me think “yuck”, I don’t want to know him or be friends with with the prince.

I had also prepared recipes to make soft candies like jelly beans and marshmallows to sell through my merchant company, “The Rescue Squad Merchant Group”. This merchant company was run by Venice, with his help I should have a network around the World feeding me information on everything around the World. If this company is successful, it should provide me with funds, lots and lots of funds to use with as I please. In this World there is only hard candies like sweets, soft candies like jelly beans and marshmallows do not exist so I should make a killing selling these items in this World. Time to make some money, ka-ching.

I will really miss my home in Mira when I move to the royal capital. My home in Mira is the place I grew up in and is filled with sweet and bitter memories but I still love my home. I suppose I could treat this like a short vacation and after my twelfth birthday I will be back in Mira.

Jack is walking to the dining room while humming a tune sounding like kill, kill all the wolves.

Jack Von Hill’s POV

It will be sad to leave this place, it is filled with such wonderful memories, it is the first place that I met Sarah and fell in love with her. It is not just her beauty I am in love with but her personality, she treated me with kindness when I came here. And I had intended to treat her with contempt. I even believed the rumor she was as ugly as a pig.

As each days goes by Sarah grew ever more beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well. I keep on falling deeper in love with Sarah everyday even though she is my cousin sister. I might be a tad jealous of anyone going near her after all it is normal I am her brother, I need to protect her.

This place is also wonderful because of Sarah’s parents Daryl and Maria Von Hill which for the first time treated me like a real son. I think I love this family and I would do anything to protect them. Daryl and Maria Von a Hill never abused me like my parents, they only showed me love and kindness just like Sarah.

As long as I am with them, I am home.

Sato is hiding in the shadows of Sarah’s room looking lovingly at Sarah.

Sato’s POV

It feels wonderful to look at my mistress Sarah and to smell the sweet smell of flowers coming out from her body. I wonder why other females that I have spied on do not have the natural smell of flowers coming out from them ? Only mistress Sarah has it.

Ever since mistress Sarah rescued me from the slums of Mira town, I have sworn to devote my entire life to her. She can do with me as she will. I feel that I am below her, as she is a goddess. Not only is she beautiful, she is kind and sweet as well. She saved many poor starving orphans from the slum. Although I am not the only one she saved, I would like to think I am special. The interactions between me and her, the cute nickname she gave me “Master Stalker”.

I hope she does not know that I keep a picture of her using the magic camera. The picture is used for the religion of Sarah, the goddess of light and kindness. Yes, I am one of those secret worshipper of the Sarah religion. However I am using mistress Sarah’s picture and I pray to her on a daily basis. I hope she never finds out, I think she would be creeped out by it.

I am so glad mistress Sarah is bringing me to the Capital with, ever since that day she rescued me, I have dedicated my life to her. Wherever she goes I will follow, she is the only person I love. She is everything to me.

Sitting on the dining table of the Mira Manor, Daryl the Duke of Mira is in deep thoughts while rubbing his neatly trimmed beard.

Daryl Von Hill Duke of Mira’s POV

Ooh, I have a head ache and it is not from the move to the Royal Capital, it is the debut of my sweet beautiful daughter Sarah. How am I going to keep her my precious sheep safe from such a large pack of wolves. And the wolves at the Capital are especially dangerous.

At least there is one bright spot, my friend Vincent the Prime Minister is meeting me at the Capital.  He should be able to help me thin down the number of wolves at Sarah’s debut.

As he thought that Daryl Von Hill gave out a deep sigh.

Juno the cute red haired maid is helping her mistress Sarah get ready in her room.

Juno’s POV

Mistress Sarah is so beautiful and kind. She treats me like Family and ask me to call her name personally. I am so happy that I will be accompanying mistress Sarah to the Capital.

Back when she was ugly people would look down on her but now that she is beautiful, I can see the change in people’s reaction to her. I hope Sarah’s debut in The Royal Capital has a big crowd of nobles, I would seriously like to see the reaction of the nobles and especially the prince when they see dear beautiful Sarah.

Sarah has become like my family and wherever she goes I want to follow, I want to help her, I want to stay with her until I die. I love her. She is sweet and beautiful on the inside and outside.

When the Mira household has finally packed, the Mira household consisting of Hill family, Sato, Juno and a few servants set off to The Royal Capital of the kingdom of Flowers. The journey was without incident and you could hear the happy between in the carriage carrying Sarah and her family.

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