Chapter 15 – The Royal Capital Arc : Arrival

Daryl Von Hill, the Duke of Mira upon arrival was greeted by their servants at their house in the Royal Capital. None of the servants here has ever seen Sarah before. There were sounds of oohs and aahs, faces flushed red, a few servants fainting, some servants grasping their heart upon seeing Sarah without her veil on.

Daryl Von Hill, Sarah’s father retreated into the study while mumbling the wolves here are worse than in the Mira household. While he was at his study his loyal attendant Michael was helping him with his paper work. There was a knock on the door.

“Who is it ?”, Daryl’s attendant shouted.

“A visitor for the Duke of Mira, Vincent, the Duke of Gou and the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Flowers would like to see his old friend, the Duke of Mira”, the voice replied back.

“Enter”, Daryl’s attendant shouted.

The two oaken doors swung upon, and a brown haired man could be seen, he is clean shaven, looks young and wears a pair of high class spectacles.

“Ah, if it isn’t my old friend Vincent Von Gou the Duke of Gou. How is everything ?”, Daryl asked.

“Fine Daryl the Dumb”, Vincent replied back.

“So we are doing names now, how about Vincent the flower girl”, as Daryl said that he smirked.

“Uh, don’t remind of that name”, Vincent groaned out.

“Ah, I see you still remember the special name King Julien gave you back in our school days when King Julien forced you to wear a dress”, Daryl smirked as he said that.

“Don’t laugh King Julien gave you a name as well Daryl the Dumb. Plus he forced you to call Crowley, Creepy Crowley”, Vincent scoffed.

“Yes, I still remember that time in school, King Julien asked me call Crowley, Creepy Crowley. King Julien could not give a commoner a nickname then because his father forbid him to get involve with commoners, if he had given a nickname to Crowley his father would have kicked him out of the throne and replaced him with his brother, he will no longer be a King Julien today”, Daryl replied with a darkened face.

“Yes I remember King Julien thought is was funny to give us all nicknames but I think Crowley still holds a grudge against you for calling him Creepy Crowley and making that name spread in school”, Vincent said while his eyes looked down in contemplation.

“Yes, but there was nothing I could do about it, he was the crown prince and all the nobles children had to follow his orders”, Daryl said.

“Yes but I think Crowley now is using Sarah’s twelve year old debut to humiliate and emberass you. As well as hurt Sarah, after all the rumors that Sarah is not good looking has spread across the Kingdom of Flowers already. To further humiliate you and Sarah, I believe Crowley is forcing all the prince’s to attend”, Vincent said.

“……”, Daryl said

“Sarah is not ugly, I think she is as beautiful as a goddess, I am worried if her beauty is exposed it will cause me more trouble”, Daryl said sadly.

“Ah, yes all daughters are beautiful in the eyes of their fathers”, Vincent said as he smiled like a Cheshire Cat.

“No, she really is beau..”, Daryl was about to complete the sentence.

“Alright Daryl enough chit chat, I have to see the king now, I am off”, as Vincent said that he left.

Sarah was arranging things in her new room in the Capital. She thought that for her debut, she would create the most beautiful dress using her creation magic, a dress that cannot be made by human hands. She would also be keeping up with her beauty regimen until her debut. And she intended to create with her creation magic jewelries that would enhance her features.

As she was planning all that, she could hear Juno her maid calling her.

“Lady Sarah”, Juno called.

“Sarah, will just do Juno, what’s up ?”, Sarah said cheerfully.

“We are going over the plans in The Royal Palace for your debut, will you be wearing your veil ?”, Juno asked.

“Yes, I believe it would be prudent to wear my veil in the Royal Capital until the day of my debut”, Sarah said as she smiled slyly.

“Ah, in that case I will prepare everything”, as Juno said that she promptly.

Sarah sitting in her room had a sly smile on, well she thinks to herself all her preparations are for this day, her debut. She had originally thought of giving up on her revenge and having a small debut in Mira but chance had presented her an opportunity. She has resolved to look her best during her debut and have her revenge against the 4th prince, Jules. The best revenge in life is living well and looking good, that’s what she thought.

The 4th prince being the youngest was always a spoilt child and had everything handed to him. He might think himself the best but the sad truth is that his looks is just above average, his intelligence is above average and he has a narcissistic personality. His father and mother had spoiled him because he was the youngest and in his mind he was the best at everything. Somewhere in The Royal palace, the 4th prince was sitting down in a chair having tea.

Jules Von Flowers 4th Prince Kingdom of Flowers POV

Ahh, I do enjoy having tea.

Hmm, what was it that was irritating me in my mind, Ah yes, Crowley the Court Mage came to see me to get me to go to Sarah’s twelve year old debut in the Royal Palace. Of course I rejected that creepy court magician immediately. However he kept on saying that without my presence, the atmosphere would not be the same. He kept on telling me how handsome I was and that with most of the nobles in my kingdom being there with their children, I was sure be able to find a beauty to be my fiancée. Of course that fiancée would not be able to measure up to my beauty.

Crowley does have a point though, there would be a lot of beautiful girls there during Sarah’s debut. I could just ignore the ugly fat pig Sarah and look for my future wife. Because of that I had promised him I would grace Sarah’s event with my presence. The ugly fat pig Sarah better be grateful that I am attending her event.

All’s set for Sarah’s debut, next chapter “Debut”.


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