Chapter 16 – The Royal Capital Arc : Debut

The Mira household consisting of Daryl and Maria Von Hill, Sarah Von Hill and Jack Von Hill was abuzz with excitement, it was Sarah’s twelve years old birthday and she was going to the Royal Palace for her debut.

While waiting for Sarah on the ground floor of the Mira household, Daryl was talking with Jack.

“Jack are you really bringing along your sword ?”, Daryl asked his son Jack.

“Ah, yes is it not allowed ?”, Jack replied.

“Yes, but most nobles are bringing a ceremonial sword, you sword seems to be rusted and covered in goblin’s blood”, Daryl said with a wry smile on his face.

“…….”, Jack said.

“The sword stays”, Jack replied with a stern voice.

“Ok, Ok”, Daryl replied as he mumbled at least that sword will scare off the wolves from attacking my precious beautiful sheep.

Sarah was wearing her veil and her whole body was covered in a large overcoat covering her body. She was shepherded together with her family into the carriage as the carriage moved to the Royal Palace.

At the Royal Palace, Sarah was shepherded to her place for her debut, Juno her maid and the stalking Sato followed her. Although they could not see Sato so they do not know if he actually followed her.

The rest of Sarah’s family made their way to the Royal a Palace ballroom. The ballroom had two large golden chandeliers which was lighted up by magic. The lights could be dimmed or increased by merely turning the knobs by the wall of the ballroom. The ballroom floor was made of white marble and shone in the light. You could say whoever made their debut here would be treated like a princess but all the nobles and foreign representatives here seems to be irritated and could not wait to run away the moment the debut was over.

The only one that seems to be excited by the Debut was Jack’s so called two friends. Two young thirteen year old boys, the blonde haired Brian, son of the Marquis of Rhine wearing nothing but a beautiful long elegant overcoat and two black boots could be seen on his feet. Next was Ryan a Marquis’s son. He was wearing a white military like uniform with all sorts of embellishments on his uniform and brown boots on his feet.

“What are the two of you doing here”, Jack growled at them.

“We are here to see my beautiful Sarah, my goddess”, Brian replied.

“Who says she is your Sarah, she is mine”, Ryan interjected.

“Both of you stay away from my precious Sarah”, Jack growled again while clasping his blood soaked rusted sword.

“I thought we are best friends Jack”, Ryan said meekly.

“Who is your best friend, you fool”, Jack growled at Ryan.

“Now, now calm down boys”, Daryl Von Hill came along and got in between the boys.

While he did that he mumbled something about damn those wolves have strong instincts to follow my precious sheep all the way here, I did not even invite them, where did they get the invitation from. Was it Creepy Crowley ?

Somewhere in the room Crowley the court magician is sneezing.

Among the groups of nobles the one to stand out most would have to be Vance Von Gou the son of Vincent Van Gou the Duke of Gou. As well as his sister Violet Van Gou. Both Gou siblings had brown hair following their father. Standing next to Vance and Violet was their father Vincent Van Gou. What made Vance stand out even more was his intricately designed glasses he was wearing, just like his father who wears spectacles.

Next were the royals.  All four princes  were in attendance. The first prince with blonde hair Jut Von Flowers. The second prince blonde as well, Jim Von Flowers and the Twins the third prince John Von Flowers and the Fourth prince Jules Von Flowers.

Jules Von Flowers standing there seems uninterested in the event and was looking at the girls in the ballroom like a degenerate. His eyes wandered around the room as his blonde hair moved whenever his head moved.

“Are you not interested to see how Sarah your ex fiancée looks like right now ?”, John Von Flowers questioned his twin brother.

“No, once a fat pig, always a fat pig, that’s what Sarah is, she is an ugly fat pig. Not only is she fat, her face looks like a pig as well”, Jules Von Flowers replied roughly.

King Julien looks worried and was standing next to Crowley the court magician.

The lights dimmed and would gradually brighten as Juno the maid was controlling the light switch twisting it. The announcer cleared his voice and announced,

“Announcing the debut of Sarah, the Duke of Mira’s daughter on her twelfth birthday !”

The sound of shoes could be heard coming down from the grand steps. No one seems to be paying attention at first but soon sounds of oohs and ahh s could be heard and they turned their heads and their eyes in the direction of the footsteps coming down the stairs.

And the smell of flowers appeared throughout the ballroom.

What was visible before their eyes was the most beautiful twelve year old girl they had ever seen in their life.

Long thick beautiful shining silver hair reaching the waist of the beautiful girl. Eyes shaped sharp like a tigress which shined like two blue sapphires. It seems like the light could be reflected off the eyes of this gorgeous girl. And the face of the girl was perfect in proportion and sharp. Her body was starting to mature and you can see two small lumps growing from her body which was soft. Curves forming from her body could be seen. And what she wore was a pink dress that glowed and fit her body to a tee. The dress seems to be clasping onto her body. Her skin was white and perfect. Her lips were red as rose and full. You could call this girl a goddess, she was that beautiful. This girl was Sarah, the Duke of Mira’s daughter. The girl that was dumped by the 4th prince as his fiancée.

As the sight of Sarah was seen by everyone, the sound of oohs and aahs were followed by sound of “Marry me” being cried out in the crowd that gathered at the steps of the ballroom. People fainted with blood spouting out from their nose. Elderly gentlemen grasped their heart. And murmurs of “beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..” could be heard from the crowd. Red faces could be seen around almost everyone’s faces. And trembling could felt from the crowd.

To be continued in the next chapter, “Shocked”

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