My name was Satori an income tax administrator in Japan, I died in the 1960s of a heart attack. I was then reincarnated as Lilian a girl beautician living in Japan specializing in organic products… unfortunately I fell down a flight of steps and died…. that seems to be my memory… but wait what is that sound and my ears hear someone calling “Sarah ! Sarah!”.

Who is this Sarah, as I rubbed my eyes and opened them there appears to be a maid there , I cried out “June is that you ?”

“Yes Sarah it is me are you alright I was so worried about you, are you alright !”

A torrent of memories flood back to me my name is Sarah Von Hill , I was a Dukes Daughter, the Duke of Mira, a territory flush with produce and commerce and a strong administrator. I also remember when I was Lilian and me and Bess my best friend use to play an Otome Game called “The Flower of Love”, I was the title Villainess, Sarah Von Hill a dukes daughter that lost her engagement to the prince of this country and grew to hate the heroine, I end up bullying the heroine until the prince killed me ! Definitely have to avoid that death flag !

Wait how old am I right now, wait I remember now I am 7 years old now, I ask Juno  “Where is the prince?” She just looks at me all depressed , she opened her mouth, and said “I am sorry Sarah, the prince left after he broke off the engagement with you”, she sobbed.

I remember clearly now as I ran after him crying why why are you breaking off the engagement with me, he just sneered at me and said I was a fat pig, I do admit in the Otome Game Sarah is quite ugly with dirty blond hair, patchy skin, fat like a pig, even as I move my hands I can that they are stubby and my belly is quite fat.  I remember I cried towards prince Jules and said I can change and Jules the prince with a Ikemen (handsome in Japanese) looks just said while waving his beautiful blonde hair “Beauty either you are born with it or you don’t have it, you cannot change what you don’t have, fat pig!”. I remember after hearing that I broke down and cried, after that I lost my conciousness…

I have to set up my objectives, as I think in silence I look at my beautiful June with her shoulder length red hair rosy lips and beautiful skin I think if only I look like her I would even be satisfied I did not desire to become a World class beauty why did God reincarnate me as the evil Villainess and on top of that Sarah has some pretty ugly facial features, a square jaw like a man, beady eyes and a slanted nose and on top of that she was fat… but I remember in the Otome Game Sarah was originally a kind girl who became socially withdrawn and depressed after the prince broke off with her and she could not do anything about it she became jealous at the heroine for being so beautiful…..

Hmmm so what are my objectives, I still have time until my death flag activates, these are my objectives :

Make Sarah, me so beautiful that no one can compare to her, I remember that there are healing magic and disguise magic in this World, maybe with their help I can change Sarah’s looks.. hmmm I think it can be done…

Second objective to gather or adopt orphans to protect Sarah as she is known to be very weak at magic of any type even healing magic.

Third objective, learn swordsmanship so Sarah, I mean me can defend herself when the prince orders her to be killed.

Fourth use every bit of knowledge that I have to make Sarah beautiful and presentable, Sarah has already extensive knowledge because she is a neet or loner that locks herself in the library alone to read.

Alright I ask June to see my father Daryl the Duke of Mira… this is the start of my plan to make Sarah the most beautiful girl in the Worlds… oops I mean to make me into a World class beauty…

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