Chapter 17 – The Royal Capital Arc : Shocked

As Sarah glided through the stair case down to the floor of the ballroom. Her eyes glowed and shined like two blue emeralds. Her face glowed of beauty and the radiance of youth. Her pink dress clasping on her body like a second skin flowed like the ocean. Sarah’s beautiful silver hair moved as she glided down the stairs to the bottom of the ballroom where her subjects await.

Her looks were beautiful beyond belief. Her beauty was like a once in a lifetime goddess has descended to the human realm. Beauty at a preternatural level. No human being since time has ever been as beautiful as she looks right now.

As Sarah reached the bottom of the stairs, a crowd of nobles had gathered there. All of them had flushed red faces, their bodies trembled and their eyes glazed over. As Sarah waited for her father to make his way over to her to take her hand. A voice could be heard.

“Get out ! Get out ! Of my way, that’s my fiancée”, Jules cried.

“Get out ! Get out ! That’s my fiancée” , the sound got louder as Jules, the 4th prince approached Sarah.

A hand reached out among the crowd to part them away. The hand seems to be trying to reach Sarah.

“Ah, there you are my fiancée”, Jules cried out while his face look distorted.

Jules the 13 years old fourth prince with the blonde hair has finally reached Sarah and was facing her, he said,

“Ah, Sarah my fiancée you look more beautiful than before”

“Who is your fiancée, I remember clearly our engagement was broken off by you”, Sarah said calmly with a sweet smile.

“Ah but we can be engaged again, Sarah marry me and make me the happiest man in the World”,  Jules said greedily.

“I refuse”, Sarah said with a smile.

“Why Sarah ? I thought you loved me. Am I not the most handsome boy in this World. Am I not a genius prince”, Jules replied haughtily.

“The truth is you are just above average in terms of looks, there are a lot of other boys here that look better than you, like Brian, the Marquis of Rhine’s son, Vance, the Prime Minister’s son, in fact even my own brother Jack looks better than you. In terms of brains you are not particularly smart either. I believe the reason that you think that way, is because you are the youngest prince and all the people here has been lying to you to make you feel good. Your parents have protected you from reality, the reality that you are not good looking or smart”, Sarah said calmly.

“That’s not true ! Tell me everyone she is lying right ?!”, Jules shouted as he grimaced.

There were silence from the nobles surrounding Sarah and Jules, the 4th prince. It was as though they acknowledged what Sarah said was true.

Then a voice spoke up.

“She is telling you the truth son. As much as I hate to admit it we have sheltered you from the truth since you were young. You are in fact not that good looking or that smart. It is just that you are the youngest in The Royal family and we have spoiled you”, King Julien said.

“No, Sarah, I can change, marry me, be mine !”, Prince Jules growled in a harsh voice.

“No, you can’t change your looks, I believe that’s what you told me a long time ago. Whatever you look like right now will never change. I refuse to marry you !”, Sarah said loudly with a smile.

Prince Jules faced grimaced like he was in pain and tears flowed from his face as he tried to use his arm to cover his face. He ran out of the crowd surrounding Sarah while bawling loudly. He ran until his presence could not be seen in the ballroom anymore.

The crowd surrounding began to talk to her. And things started to move back to normal. Daryl Sarah’s father reached Sarah’s side and accompanied her to the dining table. Sarah saw round balls of meat on a stick ar the dining table and took one to eat.

The ball of meat looks like a brown lollipop. While Sarah was enjoying herself taking small bites of the meat while standing next to the dining table. The presence in the ballroom was silent. Every single person was looking at Sarah eating that stick of meat, every bite and chew she meat of that meat stick was scrutinized by the crowd. When Sarah realized that she dropped the meat stick back on the table and said,

“Father I think I just lost my appetite”

While she said that Daryl, Sarah’s father mumbled something about damn wolves, the sheep can’t even eat in peace.

Daryl sided up to Sarah and whispered,

“Sarah we have a problem, more than a hundred nobles and their sons want to dance with you including members of the royalty”.

“Don’t worry father, I have a plan”, Sarah whispered back.

Sarah walked to the center of the ballroom and made an announcement,

“Everyone, I am sorry if I have pick and choose who I dance with there is not enough time this night to dance with all of you. As an apology, please accept this song”.

As she said that Juno was sitting by the piano with the orchestra and was playing. While Sarah opened her mouth and sang Mariah Carey’s “I Still Believe”, a song she practiced with Juno in secret, an Earth song. A song no one has ever heard off before. She sang the song better than Mariah Carey herself (after all years of enhancing her voice with her healing powers was now paying off).

With her beautiful silver hair flowing. Her glowing blue vixen eyes. Her swaying perfect body. And the voice of an angel, she captivated the crowd. There were boys and men in the ballroom fainting. There were boys and even some girls screaming out “Sarah ! Sarah ! Sarah !”. It was even better than an Earth rock concert. If this group of royalty and nobles had not fallen in love with Sarah then, right now they were surely totally in love with Sarah.

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