Chapter 18 – The Royal Capital Arc : The Dance

As the song finished, the announcer was about to announce who will be dancing with dear sweet beautiful Sarah. Every single one of the nobles and the royalty had eyes like wolves ready to devour a sheep. They were waiting like gamblers waiting for the winning announcement of a lottery they had just purchased.

Sarah stood by the side of her father quietly meekly.

The announcer said,

“Although the custom is for the father to take the first dance and for the King to take the last dance, King Julien has requested if he may have the first dance. What do you the nobles and royalty think ?”

The sounds of boos raised through the air including from King Julien’s three sons that were still in the ballroom. King Julien after seeing that was giving his sons the evil eye.

“Ahem, since everyone objects, Sarah’s first dance will be with her father Daryl the Duke of Mira”, the announcer said confidently.

Daryl took his daughter’s hand gently, he look into his daughter’s eyes with love and danced with her, Daryl said softly so no one can hear,

“Sarah, I am so proud of you”

“You have achieved so much, you are so much better than me”, Daryl added.

“And Sarah, I love you deeply and dearly ever since the day you were born”, Daryl added.

“I know papa, I love you too”, as Sarah said that she blushed for the first time.

This caused Sarah’s Dad, Daryl’s face to turn as red as a beetroot. The sound of “so cute, so cute, so cute”, could be heard from the crowd of nobles and royalty.

Next to dance with Sarah was Jack, Sarah’s cousin brother, he looked at Sarah happily and then took her hand. The dance began. Jack said softly,

“Sarah, you are the most important person in my life. I was never treated well. Even my original parents hated me but ever since I met you my life has been wonderful”

Jack smiled sweetly at Sarah.

“You are important me too Jack, I love you too”, Sarah whispered and smiled at Jack.

Jack suddenly froze and fell down and lost conciousness in Sarah’s arm with a stupid smile on his face as though he achieved the greatest thing in his life. Everyone wondered what happened but none of them were surprised. Sarah’s abundant charm was obvious.

Up next was Jut Von Flowers, the first prince of the Flowers Kingdom. He had a big smile on his face as he flipped his hair like a dandy. Sarah looked at him and knew he was not one of the capture target (capture his heart) for the heroine. As he took to the floor he said,

“Sarah, I love you, marry me !”

“No”, Sarah replied.

“Marry me”, Jut said.

“No”, Sarah replied.

“Marry me”, Jut said.

“No”, Sarah replied.

This continued on until the dance was over.

Next was the second prince Jim Von Flowers, he smiled like a lion and moved his body boldly towards Sarah. Sarah looked at him and also realized he was not one of the capture target for the heroine. As the dance began, Jim said,

“Sarah I love you. I fell in love with you at first sight, be my wife”, as he said that he smiled sweetly at Sarah.

“No”, Sarah replied.

“Marry me…”,  Jim said.

“No….”, Sarah replied.

“Please marry me”, Jim said.

“No”, Sarah replied.

“Why ?”, Jim said.

“Let’s just dance”, Sarah said.

Jim continued to pester Sarah for her hand in marriage throughout the dance.

Next to dance with Sarah was John Von Flowers, the 3rd prince. Now Sarah looked at him and realized he was a capture target for the heroine, but Sarah was not at risk because the one blocking the heroine’s path to John’s heart was his fiancée Mary a nobles daughter. John Von Flowers was supposed to be Jules twin brother and a genius in the musical field. She had no worries dancing with him. As the dance began, John said,

“Sarah, I love you, marry me, I will make you happy”, as he said that he smiled at Sarah.

“No”, Sarah replied.

“Sarah, I will never find another girl like you. Not only are you a World class beauty but your voice sounds like an angel. Marry me”, John said sweetly.

“No, you have a fiancée”, Sarah replied.

“Forget her, I will not give up on you. I am in love with you”, John replied.

“No”, Sarah replied.

As they danced they went into a heated argument as John refused to give up on Sarah. As the dance ended Sarah wanted to move away from John, but John grabbed Sarah’s arm forcefully holding on to her. At that moment four peoples face turned red with anger, it was Daryl, Sarah’s father, Jack, Sarah’s brother, Brian and Ryan, Sarah’s friends. Before they could react out of the shadow Sato appeared and grabbed John’s arm and took John’s hand off Sarah.

Sarah quickly turned around in shock and said,

“Please forgive him prince John, he is my subordinate, Sato let go of prince John’s hand”

Sarah knew the seriousness of a commoner touching royalty, it could be a death sentence.

“I will forgive him if you Sarah allow me to see you in the future”, John replied as he smiled smugly.

“…….”, Sarah replied.

“If you forgive him then you can visit me in Mira and see me, I would consider you a friend”, Sarah added.

“Very well then he is forgiven”, John replied.

As he said that Sato vanished into the shadow and prince John’s eyes widened in surprise.

Next to dance with Sarah was Vance Von Gou, the Prime Minister’s son also better known as the Ikemen with glasses. Sarah looked at him and knew he was a capture target for the heroine and the way to capture his heart was blocked by Violet his sister. Nothing would happen to Sarah, so Sarah could not be bothered about Vance. The dance began and Vance whispered softly,

“Sarah you are truly lovely, your eyes are as blue as the sea, maybe even bluer”

“Flattery will get you knowhere with me”, Sarah replied.

“Flattery, but I just want to be friends with you, after all it does not hurt to have more friends”, Vance said.

“Can we be friends ?”, Vance added.

“Yes we can be friends”, Sarah said tiredly, the whole night has been proposals and passes issued by this group of silly nobles and royalty to Sarah, her defenses had been torn to shreds and she was in no mood to argue with Vance.

As they danced Vance and Sarah talked and smiled. While that was happening the nobles and royalty watching this were grinding their teeth.

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