Chapter 19 – The Royal Capital Arc : The Queen

The final dance was announced to be with King Julien. As King Julien eagerly sided up to Sarah and held her hand. Sarah felt a bit tired from being attacked by the nobles she danced with. As the dance began, Sarah and the King talked.

“King Julien, I did not see the Queen with you today”, Sarah asked.

“Ah, Queen Julia Von Flowers is sick”, King Julien replied.

“Is it serious ?”, Sarah asked.

“It is quite serious, but we have a Saint class healing spell to heal her”, King Julien replied.

“Oh, then she will be fine”, Sarah said

“No, Sarah, she will not be fine, we have shown the spell to many healers and even posted rewards throughout the kingdom as well as outside the kingdom to find a healer that can use that spell but so far no one has been able to heal her or even use that spell. Only a Saint class healer can heal her”, King Julien replied.

“Oh, what is the reward ?”, Sarah asked.

“A boon from the king of the Kingdom of Flowers, me”, King Julien replied and smiled.

As Sarah thought about it, she realize she has Saint class healing powers and can heal the Queen. She could even use the boon to ask for something important. And at the same time she could learn a Saint Class spell. Not a bad deal she thought.

“King Julien, can I try to heal the Queen ?”, Sarah asked sweetly while she smiled.

“Of course you can try to heal the Queen”, King Julien replied.

“Then if I succeed, you will give me a boon”, Sarah asked as her eyes sparkled.

“Yes, of course”, King Julien replied. Of course King Julien did not expect a twelve year old child to heal her wife.

So when the dance was over, King Julien proudly announced,

“Sarah will now go to the Queen and heal her, if she succeed, I will grant her a boon, You here are all my witnesses”.

Sarah left with the King to see the Queen which was lying on the bed unconscious . Once there at Queen Julia’s bedside, she learnt the Saint class spell “Recovery”. The spell was strong enough it could even raise the dead. The spell was a few hundred years old and was created by the previous Saint of healing, there has been no Saint of healing these past few hundred years.

Sarah learnt the spell “Recovery” and used it on Queen Julia. Queen Julia’s whole body lighted up as the spell was cast by Sarah. After the glow of light around Queen Julia’s body disappeared she began to move. She cried out,

“Who are you, are you an angel ?”.

“No, I am Sarah, a healer and the Duke of Mira’s daughter. I was able to heal you with this spell”, Sarah replied.

She smiled at Sarah and they talked for a while. When King Julien heard that his wife had recovered he was beyond happy. He walked in and took Sarah back to the ballroom and announced,

“Sarah is a Saint Class healer, she has healed the Queen, and now in front of all the nobles and royalty, I ask you Sarah what is your boon ?”

“Dear King Julien, the boon I ask for is that my father and me will have the right to decide who my marriage partner is”, Sarah replied while smiling happily.

“Granted”, King Julien said in a booming voice.

When the King said that, Sarah looked at her father and smiled.

Only one person was unhappy, that person was Crowley the court mage, he was looking at Daryl the Duke of Mira as well as Sarah. Steam appears to be coming out from his ears. Could this spell doom for Sarah and her family ?

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