Chapter 20 – The Royal Capital Arc : Crowley

Crowley the Court Mage’s POV

Argh. How could this happen. Sarah was suppose to be a fat ugly girl that looked like a pig. All the rumors around the kingdom said she was ugly. How could this be ? I had even prepared pig T-shirts to be given out to the nobles to humiliate her. How can this be ?

When she came down the stairs she was so beautiful she looked like a goddess. Even I lost my breathe and I hated her father. Why is she so beautiful ? After she had arrived at the ballroom, she was the center of attention. And no one else seem to matter. What could have happened ? Why is she this pretty ?

I could not even concentrate due to her dazzling beauty. No, I will still have my revenge, I will kidnap Sarah. Sarah must be very precious to her father, if I kidnap her, Daryl will suffer. Ha,ha,ha, as Crowley laughed in his mind, a smirk formed on his face.

Crowley looked like a pervert as he waited for his opportunity to kidnap Sarah he stood by the corner in the shadow of the ballroom while stroking his own hand. Most ladies seeing him stared at his bald head and look worried. While the men just ignored him.

As he waited his opportunity to kidnap Sarah, it arrived, Sarah went to the lavatory and was coming out of it, when Crowley approached her. He cast his dark magic “Black Sleep” which would make the victim fall into deep slumber.

As he cast his spell at Sarah, she fell into a deep slumber and fell on the floor. At least that’s what’s suppose to happen. However, the spell black sleep bounced off Sarah as though she was protected by some invisible barrier and the spell hit Crowley. Crowley fell into a deep slumber and fell on the floor.

When Crowley awoke he was in a special room with Sarah, Daryl, the Duke of Mira, King Julien and The Royal guards. His hand and legs are bound by rope.

“So you caught me”, Crowley said sadly.

“How did my magic not affect you ?”, Crowley added.

“After my encounter with goblins and a certain gunny sack, I had cast protection magic around my body”, Sarah said with a sly smile.

“Why did you try to kidnap me ?”, Sarah added.

“Because I hate your father, I always hated your father since the time we were in school together”, Crowley growled.

“He kept on calling me Creepy Crowley, the name stuck me to me in school and everyone use to tease me by calling me Creepy Crowley. He is the one that gave me this funny name Creepy Crowley. I could never forgive him. I was bullied by the nobles because he gave me that name”, Crowley growled again as all his frustrations seem to come out from him.

“Actually Crowley it was me that ordered Daryl to give you that name, I was young and foolish”, King Julien said while he sighed.

“You did your Majesty”, Crowley yelped in a surprise voice.

“Yes, Crowley it is all my fault. But your attempt to kidnap a nobles daughter is a death sentence”, King Julien said.

“….” , Crowley said as he looked down.

“King Julien, please forgive him and let him go and since I am the victim, I won’t press charges against him”, Sarah appealed.

“Please”, Sarah added.

“Alright, Crowley you are hereby dismissed as the Court Mage and no longer will be employed by the royalty. Consider yourself lucky that Sarah appealed on your behalf and get out of here”, King Julien said.

“I will never forget this Sarah, I will have my revenge”, Crowley wailed as he is taken out of the palace.

As all of this is happening, prince John, the 3rd prince was nearby the room and calling out a certain person’s name.

“Sato, Sato, Sato, come out”, Prince John called.

Out of the shadows a blonde 12 year old boy appeared,

“What do you want”, he said.

“Ah, Sato, the debt you owe me is not over”, Prince John said.

“What do you want ?”, Sato said while he grimaced.

“I want you to take this magic camera and take a photo of Sarah for me, if you don’t I could cause trouble for you and your mistress Sarah”, Prince John said that as he smiled deviously.

“No, you don’t have to ask me to take a photo of mistress Sarah, I have photos of mistress Sarah from my collection”, Sato replied, as he did that he took out an album filled with Sarah’s photos.

“You have so many photos and you took them without Sarah realising”, Prince John said as he looked through the photos.

Sato just nodded his head.

“Alright, I will take this photo of Sarah, consider your debt to me for grabbing my arm settled”, Prince John said with a smirk.

“You really are amazing, what type of skills did you learn, I would like to learn them as well”, Prince John added.

“Assassin’s skills”, Sato said.

“Assassin’s skills”, Prince John mumbled.

It was that day that Prince John became an stalker in training. And the pair known as Sato and Prince John became the Master Stalker and the stalker in training.

At the Assassin’s Guild Headquaters, a certain novice assassin secretary could be seen rushing to see the assassin’s guild head.

“Sir, we just had a apprenticeship request !”, novice assassin secretary said.

“No need to get so excited, who is it ?”, assassin’s guild head asked.

“Umm, it’s the 3rd prince of the Kingdom of Flowers’ Prince John, he requested to be an assassin’s apprentice”, novice assassin’s secretary replied.

“…..”, assassin’s guild head said, he added,

“Then we must welcome him and do all in our power to teach him the assassin’s way, this is the first time a prince wants to join the assassin’s guild”.

This was the end of the conversation and beginning of the legend of the stalker prince of the Kingdom of Flowers, Prince John.

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