Chapter 21 – The Day After : Back at Mira

It was few days after the debut of Sarah at the Royal Palace, the Mira household (Daryl Von Hill Mira is his full name) are back at the Duke of Mira’s Manor. Sarah was happily humming while learning swordsmanship and magic while Jack is busy looking at Sarah with a lovelorn look on his face.

The maid and butlers were running around energetically because Sarah had returned. It seems that the whole household is energized. But it was not just because Sarah and her family had returned. There seems to be a large number of guests nowadays coming to the Duke of Mira’s household. Foreign dignitaries outside the kingdom and nobles within the kingdom, as well as royalty all seem to be visiting the Duke of Mira’s household nowadays.

And at the center of the storm it is Daryl Von Hill, the Duke of Mira’s Head that seem to embroiled in all its trouble.

Daryl Von Hill’s POV

Why, why did it come to this, the wolves are at the gate and can I even protect my precious beautiful sheep. Ever since Sarah had her debut, there has been no shortage of suitors within the kingdom and outside the kingdom. Even the royalty are coming over. Ooh, will I never know peaceful days again ?

As he said that, he could see new visitors and admirers coming to look for Sarah. The old admirers are already here (Brian the flasher and Ryan the mob character). How will I solve this, Daryl asked himself silently as he rubbed his forehead with both his hands.

The new admirers consist of the 3rd prince, Prince John which Sarah had promised he could visit her and the Prime Minister’s son, Vance which extracted a pledge of friendship from Sarah. Tagging along with Vance would be his sister Violet Von Gou.

As Daryl look through the marriage request for Sarah at his desk, there were more than a hundred of them, all requesting Daryl, the Duke of Mira for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

“Aahhhhh !!!”, Daryl shouted as he pushed the marriage request out of his desk.

“What’s the matter Sir”, Michael his attendant inquired.

“I do not know what to do about Sarah’s marriage partner”, Daryl said sadly.

“Why not ask Sarah what she thinks ?”, Michael stated.

“That’s a good idea !”, Daryl shouted as he smiled.

So Daryl approached Sarah and asked her opinion on her marriage partner and Sarah advised her father to delay on the choice of marriage partners as she is still too young.

Sarah’s POV

Ooh, I have a headache with so many guests coming to see me in my house it is quite difficult to keep to my daily routine. Especially since the third prince seems to be stalking me whenever I take my morning run. Or even when I practice swordsmanship, Jack in fact tried to stab the third prince when he realized he was stalking me, luckily I stopped him. And then when I practiced magic I almost blasted the third prince by accident. Won’t these people just act normal. (Prince John is a stalker in training).

Then we have Vance the friendship king, it is really irritating when all my time seems to be taken up due to friendship. He seems to want to be more than friends. What’s worse his sister Violet seems to be whoring him out to me. Aargh, can anyone just act normal.

Then I have to deal with the situation of Jack my brother being extremely jealous whenever he sees anyone, he tries to take out the rusted sword with dried goblin blood to stab them. I tried to calm him down, it seems to be working whenever I touch him to calm him down he just slumped down on the floor. He told me to keep on touching him and ignore all reactions from him. He is not normal either. (Jack is a huge sis-con)

And then we have Brian the Duke of Rhine’s son, he comes over all the time naked underneath his coat and tells me he misses me. Really, really, Creepy, wear some clothes creep. (Brian is the famous flasher of Rhine).

At least Ryan seems to be normal, not. Ryan the Marquis son always seem to have a lovelorn look on his face. And he keeps on asking me if I want something more than friendship. No, I want nothing more than friendship. Really he is coming on too strong.

How come I am surrounded by people that is not normal. And out of the heroine’s five capture target (Jack, Sarah’s brother, Brian, the Duke of Rhine’s son, John, the 3rd prince, Vance, the Prime Minister’s son and Jules, the 4th prince), four of them are here. Definitely weird. That’s not how the game is supposed to be, Sarah was meant to be ugly. She was suppose to meet all the other capture target except for Jack when they were fifteen years old at Flowers Academy, the school of magic.

Now that this has happened, I wonder what the future holds. It will be another three years until I meet the heroine of this game , “Sissy the female heroine” of the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”. Will I be killed or will I live happily ever after like a princess.

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