Chapter 22 – Princess Sarah

The Royal Capital, as we focus on it we move to the Royal Palace in the King’s study where two people seem to be having a heated arguèment. One of them is the King, King Julien and the other is Vincent Von Gou, The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Flowers.

“We need to do something !”, Vincent Von Gou shouted.

“What do you want me to do, I promised her she could marry anyone she wanted, it was her boon !”, King Julien shouted.

“Take back the boon and marry her to one of your sons ! We need her here in the Kingdom of Flowers, as a Saint class healer we cannot allow her to fall into another kingdom’s hand”, Vincent Von Gou said in a harsh tone.

“What is so important about Sarah that you want to tie her to the Kingdom of Flowers”, King Julien scolded Vincent.

“Let me explain to you again. Saint Class healers are rare, they are so rare they only come about once every few hundred years. With the power of Saint class healing in peace time a kingdom will prosper as people with incurable disease will come to kingdom to be healed by the Saint class healer. There is a shortage of healers within all the kingdom, with the best healer in the world, the best talents will come. With a Saint class healer in the Kingdom, talents will flow into the kingdom and the kingdom’s economy will boom. During war time a Saint class healer can turn the tide of battle when the army once injured can be healed as a group immediately, no normal healer can do that. The army can be recycled on a continuous basis. Imagine an army that can continue to fight indefinitely as whatever injuries is healed immediately. And the army can fight immediately once they are healed. In that battle no army can defeat them if they have a Saint class healer”, Vincent Von Gou said as he face darkened.

“Ok, what do you want me to do, I have already given her the boon to marry anyone she wishes including a foreigner”, King Julien sighed as he said that.

“We need to find a way to tie her to the Kingdom of Flowers”, Vincent Von Gou said.

“I got it, King Julien decree immediately for services rendered for saving the Queen, Sarah is to be made the god daughter of the King. King Julien is to give the title of Princess of Flowers to Sarah, her name will henceforth be Sarah Von Hill Mira Flowers”, Vincent Von Gou shouted happily.

“While Sarah is tied up with our Kingdom as her princess, I will get my son to woo her and marry her. Making her a national asset of our country”, Vincent added as he smiled.

“We must also put a hefty bounty on her head a suitable amount of gold to be given to her husband if he marries her, however the bounty will only be given to the men of the Kingdom of Flowers and not to foreigners”, Vincent added.

“Make sure the rights to land is given as well, that way we can make the excuse that the bounty is exclusive to the citizens of the Kingdom of Flowers since we do not want our land to be owned by foreigners”, as Vincent said that he smirked.

“Very well Vincent proceed with your plan”, King Julian bellowed.

Somewhere in the Dukedom of Mira, Daryl Von Hill has just received a summons to the Royal Capital. As he arrived at the study of the King dread and trepidation filled his heart.

At the Royal Capital, Daryl Von Hill was told of the king’s decision by Vincent Von Gou.

“Vincent is there no way to overturn this decision”, Daryl asked pleadingly.

“No, I am afraid not old friend, King Julien has made his decision, Sarah is now Princess Sarah”, as Vincent said that he smirked.

“Sigh, I don’t have a choice”, Daryl said in resignation .

“You have no choice”, Vincent said sternly with a smirk on his face.

Daryl Von Hill went back to Mira and after breaking the news to his family, he got a scolding from his wife Maria. Jack wanted to beat him up and was stopped by Sarah.

A few days later Sarah and her family made their way back to the Royal Capital again for Sarah to be crowned as Princess Sarah in front of the nobles and royalty. It was a lavish event and almost every noble went wanting to see Sarah’s beauty. After which she made her way back to Mira, her happy home.

A month later Daryl Von Hill sighed at his work desk. Piled on top of his desk is more than two hundred requests for Princess Sarah’s hand in marriage. Princess Sarah had become the most popular bachelorette in this World. And Daryl’s precious sheep had more than two hundred wolves eyeing it.

Three more years to go before she meets the heroine of this Otome Game, Sissy, What will happen to Sarah ? Will she die ? Will she find her happy ending ?

(To be continued….)

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