Chapter 23 – Prince Jules

My name is Princess Sarah, I am now thirteen years old, I have until two more years before I meet the heroine Sissy. My days consist of avoiding the stalker prince, Prince John. Stopping my brother Jack from killing him. Telling Brian my friend to wear clothes underneath his coat and not go around the country naked underneath his coat. As well as dealing with a few love interest of mine, Vance the Prime Minister’s son and Ryan a Marquis’s son.

It has been one year since, Prince Jules ran away from my debut, I wonder how is he ? Is he in good health ? Have I been too harsh with him ? I believe I should forgive him and we should be friends. Hence I am going to the Royal Capital to see him.

Prince Jules POV

Ever since the day I was humiliated by Sarah I had lost all my confidence. For this one year I have been hiding in my room. Eating and sleeping has been my only activity.  I rarely take baths. And I only grumble to my servants when I want more food. I do not know the time or how long I have been in my room. My servants said I have been hiding in my room for more than year. Could it have been that long ?

As a carriage from the Duke of Mira arrives at The Royal Palace, a beautiful thirteen year old girl with shining silver hair steps out of it. Waiting for her is a certain stalker prince, Prince John. He is the 3rd prince of the Kingdom of Flowers. He is hiding behind the bushes surrounding the entrance of the Royal Palace. This past one year Prince John had learned the art of the assassin. He could now hide in wait for his beloved Princess Sarah.

As Princess Sarah appeared out of the Duke of Mira’s carriage. A certain prince with blonde hair appeared from the bushes. Princess Sarah gave ou a yelp.

“You scared me Prince John”, Princess Sarah cried.

“I am so sorry, I am just practicing my assassin’s skill”, Prince John replied.

“John, I am here to see Prince Jules, I heard from the nobles that he has been hiding in his room for the past one year”, Princess Sarah said with a cute smile.

“Yes he has been depressed after your debut. He found out the truth afterwards of how little people think of him. He has been depressed ever since”, Prince John replied with a grim smile.

“I think I should see him. We need to settle things and hopefully we can become friends”, Princess Sarah said with a small smile.

“I think that would be a good idea”, replied Prince John.

As they concluded their conversation Prince John escorted a Princess Sarah to his brother’s room. When they approached the room, they could hear moaning sounds coming out of the room.

“What’s going on ?”, Prince John asked a maid.

“Prince Jules ate too much and is suffering from stomach pains”, the maid replied.

“Prince Jules, me and a Princess Sarah are coming in”, Prince John announced as he pushed past the two oaken doors to Prince Jules room.

“Princess Sarah, is that Sarah, when did she become a princess..”, a soft voice cried out. It was Prince Jules.

What appeared before a Princess Sarah and Prince John when they opened the door was a fat fourteen year old boy standing up unsteadily. His blonde hair was messy, greasy and unkempt. His face was fat and round and his eyes looked small in proportion to his face. His skin was patchy and white. His face was full of acne. This was the sight of a Prince Jules. He had been eating and sleeping in his room for the past one year. Hiding in his room not seeing anyone. He had not taken good care of himself.

“Oh, dear, Prince Jules, I am so sorry”, Princess Sarah said sadly.

“Sarah, you don’t have to be sorry, it is not your fault”, Prince Jules replied.

“It is just that I have given up living. This is the me right now”, Prince Jules added.

“Please do not give up living Prince Jules, improve yourself, make yourself a better man. I am sure in the future you will find the love of your life (Princess Sarah is thinking of the heroine as Prince Jules future love)”, Princess Sarah said while she smiled softly.

“Will you be my wife, my lover if I improve myself ?”, Prince Jules said meekly.

“No, but I can be your friend”, Princess Sarah said as she put out her arms and hugged Prince Jules. As Prince Jules is being hugged, he hugged Princess Sarah back, tears streamed down from his face. He would forevermore be in love with a Princess Sarah.

Prince John tried to tear his brother away from Princess Sarah. He hit Prince Jules head softly and said that’s not the way to treat a princess. He informed Prince Jules that Sarah is now his god sister and has been made a princess because she saved the Queen’s life.

As the three of them talked it seems that things have calmed down in the Royal Palace. And Prince Jules life would now improve for the better. Unfortunately for Prince Jules he found out he had his mother’s predisposition and once he gained weight he could never slim down again. Coupled with his patchy skin and face full of acne, he became known as the ugly prince. He was known as the ugly prince of the Flowers Kingdom.

Two more years to go until they meet up with the heroine Sissy.

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