Chapter 24 – Mary Von Bestonet Marquis’s Daughter

Mary had always prided herself for her looks but that day at the debut of Princess Sarah, everything changed in her life. The 3rd prince which she had loved during childhood which she had supported until now loved another girl. At first she thought she could compete with her based on her looks which she later found out was a mistake, Princess Sarah’s beauty even captivated her and she was a female. Then she decided to fight with her based on talent, she was an accomplished singer and would accompany Prince John when he did his performances on a piano, but that too ended up in failure. When she heard Princess Sarah’s voice at her home in Mira she ran away and hid in her room for two days. She was depressed for two days, that’s how much of a shock she received after hearing her voice which sounded like an angel. Then finally she thought I could still compete with Sarah based on her dowry, after all she was only a Duke’s daughter and the father did not seem have given such a large dowry to Sarah. However that plan fell apart the moment Sarah was crowned as a princess with a huge dowry which no noble could match (the King was basically offering a Dukedom to anyone marrying Princess Sarah).

That’s why Mary was clutching her head right now trying to think of a way to get Prince John back. After all, men are fickle creature, she was sure she could win the battle of love against Princess Sarah if she waited for Prince John to come back to her and say that he was sorry. At least that’s what she thought. However it has been more than one year now and she had not heard a single sound or visit from Prince John. It seems the ignore the Prince technique until he comes back and says he loves her has backfired. For the past one year Prince John had been stalking Princess Sarah at her home in Mira. This has only made Mary angry.

Mary was so angry she had decided to confront the person in question, Princess Sarah. She got onto her carriage and headed to the Mira territory with her head filled with anger. She had prepared to give Princess Sarah a tongue lashing for stealing away her beloved prince.

When she arrived at Princess Sarah’s home in Mira she had not calmed down yet and demanded to see her. Princess Sarah’s personal maid a beautiful red head lady tried to calm her down but to no avail, she was not leaving Mira until she confronted Princess Sarah and give her a tongue lashing.

As Mary forced her way to Princess Sarah’s room, she cried “Yueghh..!”, what she saw was a blonde fourteen year old boy which was fat as a blimp, with a round face, small eyes, unkempt greasy blonde hair, patchy skin and acne all over his face. The sight had shocked Mary so much she gave out an unladylike cry. She thought she had seen Prince John next to this boy but it cannot be since there is no one standing next to this boy now. The only person in this room now was her, the maid Juno and the ugly boy.

“Who are you ?”, Mary asked in disgust.

“I am Prince Jules”, the boy said proudly.

Mary’s eyes went wide and stared at Prince Jules for a long time before asking,

“Where is Princess Sarah ?”

“She is in her private study over there”, as a Prince Jules said so he pointed to the wooden doors of a room.

As she pushed her way into the room she saw the silver haired ethereal beauty known as princess Sarah, next to her was an older black haired young man. The black haired young man was clearly an Ikemen . On the desk she could see papers bearing the mark and logo of the Rescue Squad Merchant Group. It was her favorite company that in just two years time had introduced soft candy into this World, the company had grown to become the No.1 company in this World in just two years time. Mary knew this company because she absolutely loved their soft candy, marshmallows and jelly beans.

“Who are you ?”, Princess Sarah asked curiously.

“I am Mary Von Bestonet, 13 year old daughter of the Marquis of Bestonet”, Mary said proudly.

“Why are you here ?”, Princess Sarah asked.

“I am here to request you return back Prince John to me !”, Sarah crowed proudly.

“Huh”, Princess Sara said, she added, “Are you kidding me ? I do not control Prince John, you can ask him yourself”.

“…..”, Mary said.

As Mary was about to scold Princess Sarah, the black haired young man said, “Excuse me, Lady Mary but have you talked to Prince a John about how he feels about you ?”, he asked.

“Huh, don’t talk to me. And besides Prince John is my fiancée”, Mary crowed proudly.

“Yes, I know, so you should talk to him and not us. After all we are having a discussion about our company the Rescue Squad Merchant Group”, the black haired young man added.

“The Rescue Squad Merchant Group…”, Mary said.

After that Mary began to talk in detail to the black haired young man and found out his name is Venice, he is a 17 year old merchant working for Princess Sarah. And Mary was shocked that the merchant group belonged to Princess Sarah. When shown how much profit the merchant group made, Mary was shocked. She had always thought to enjoy a good lifestyle she had to marry herself to a good husband. She had never thought an independent lady through the use of business could make herself wealthy and earn more money than the kingdom. Mary had decided then and there to become good friends with Princess Sarah and become her apprentice. If Princess Sarah’s merchant group was the No.1 company in the World, she would start her own company and become the No.2 company in the World. Forget about Prince John, forget about getting marry, she would become a business woman and become independent from men that had controlled her all her life.

“Princess Sarah, can we be friends”, Mary Von Bestonet asked pleadingly.

“Of course we can”, Princess Sarah said sweetly.

Thus the beautiful friendship between Mary Von Bestonet and Princess Sarah started. Would Princess Sarah have such a friendship with the heroine in two years time or will Princess Sarah’s death flag be raised. Time will only tell…

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