Chapter 25 –  Vance Von Gou and Violet

Princess Sarah was fourteen years old now, soon she would be of marriageable age. Vincent Von Gou was frowning, he had asked Vance his son to woo Princess Sarah these last two years without any success. He had even roped in his own daughter to help her brother woo Princess Sarah. But the result is still the same. No result. Failure. This was not acceptable to Vincent Von Gou the Duke of Gou and the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Flowers, he had raised a family of winners, he himself was a winner. How can they fail so easily. No, Vincent decided he would push Vance and Violet more until he achieved the desired result.

In Vincent’s home in the Royal Capital, he was waiting for his son and daughter to join him for breakfast as he pushed up his glasses and rubbed his own head while reading the report. It seems that the foreign countries bordering the Kingdom of Flowers and some foreign countries far away had sent representatives to see the Duke of Mira and Princess Sarah. It means only one thing more marriage proposals for Princess Sarah. Unacceptable as he grumbled that in his mind he hit the oaken dining table with his hand.

The appearance of his son Vance Von Gou and daughter Violet Von Gou at the dining table only serve to irritate him more. Vincent scowled and said,

“So how is the progress with Princess Sarah ? Have you managed to capture her heart ?”.

“No father, I have not”, Vance Von Gou said solemnly.

“What about you Violet, have you been of any help to your brother ?”, Vincent asked.

“No, father I am sorry”, Violet reply meekly.

“Vance there is something I want to talk to you about in private, meet me in my studies after your breakfast”, Vincent said.

After his breakfast Vance Von Gou approached his father’s study with dread and trepidation. Although Vincent was a loving father after a certain incident in school whereby he was humiliated by the King in wearing girls clothes, he has never let his guard down. His father was strict to the extreme and he wanted to win in all things.

Vance pushed past the oaken doors to his father’s study. There he saw his father sitting alone in the study placing his hands on the oaken study table. His father said,

“If you fail to win Princess Sarah’s heart, you will have to take more extreme measures to make her your wife like taking her virginity”, as Vincent said that he smiled smugly.

“You mean rape her ?”, Vance said in shock.

“Remember you said it, I did not. Do whatever is necessary to get Princess Sarah !”, Vincent said with confidence and a smile.

Vance felt all the blood rush out of his face. How could he do such a thing to Princess Sarah. After spending time with her his heart had moved into the palm of Sarah’s hand and he would do anything for her. However his obligation was to his father, his family and his country, he steeled his resolve to do this despicable act of taking Princess Sarah’s virginity.

As the days past Vance was visiting Princess Sarah in her home in Mira and he waited for his chance to do the despicable act. Then the opportunity presented itself when Sarah was walking in the rose garden alone. Vance could smell the flower of perfume coming out of Princess Sarah’s body mixed in with the smell of the roses in the garden.

Vance grabbed Princess Sarah in the garden intending to rip off her clothes from her beautiful slender body and her growing breast. But Princess Sarah’s magical defense kicked in whenever she feels danger, Vance was pushed down to the grass floor by the magical defense coming off Sarah’s body (ever since the goblin and gunny sack incident Sarah has cast magic defense on her body). Princess Sarah kicked Vance on the ground knowing he intended to do her harm, she asked,

“Why did you do this ?”

“I could not help myself, you are too beautiful”, Vance said pitifully.

As Princess Sarah kicked Vance on the ground, a new sensation was inflicted on Vance who had always been in control. Vance had never once lost control and had always been placed as the leader of his household. He started to enjoy the kicking of Princess Sarah and started to moan in pleasure.

“More… ummm..”, he cried out (Vance)

“Ughh..”, Princess Sarah said in shock.

“Why have you stopped kicking me, Princess Sarah kick me more, please kick me more”, Vance cried out.

Princess Sarah was shocked and screamed and ran out of the garden.

This was the start of Vance Von Gou’s masochistic tendencies. Soon the kingdom would know of the masochist noble Vance Von Gou. Vance was able to make up with Princess Sarah after the incident and Princess Sarah was too emberassed to tell anyone about it. However whenever he was with Vance she made sure she was not alone.

One more year to go before Princess Sarah and the heroine Sissy meet, will Princess Sarah survive the encounter or will her death flag be activated. And who will Princess Sarah end up with ?

(Note : Hint the ending of the story will have Princess Sarah propose to the man she loves and the person will accept, so it can be anyone)

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