Chapter 26 – 14 years old

Princess Sarah was sitting by her bed thinking about many things. She was thinking of the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love” and how her character in the game as the ugly fat Villainess had changed into the beautiful thin princess. And she was also thinking of what happened to all the capture targets that have made them into such deviants.

Brian, the Duke of Rhine’s son should have been a handsome, morose, charming young man which excelled in magic. Nothing special there, but he changed to become a handsome, cheerful young man that was also the famous flasher of Rhine. Unfortunately his mother seem to encourage his flashing tendencies.

Then we have the the 3rd prince, Prince John, he was suppose to be a smart musically talented prince with a fiancée Mary Von Bestonet, a Marquis’s Daughter. However the current Prince John is a smart and talented stalker. Sarah should know, he has been stalking her. What’s worse Mary Von Bestonet no longer wants to marry Prince John, she does not want to marry anybody. She has become a serious business woman.

Another capture target was suppose to be the 4th prince, Prince Jules, the handsome and talented prince. He was suppose to be confident, not anymore Prince Jules has now become cowardly and unsure of himself. Plus when you look at Prince Jules, the word handsome does not come to mind. Unless you consider a fat rotund body, a round face with small eyes, greasy unkempt blonde hair, patchy skin and acne on the face as handsome. You could say Prince Jules looks butt ugly.

Another of the candidate for the heroine to capture his heart was the Prime Minister’s son Vance Von Gou a good looking smart young man with glasses. However the current Vance is a masochist.

And Violet Van Gou is a lovely lady and one of my good friends, except her brother is a creep.

Lastly, the last capture target for the heroine was suppose to be my cousin brother Jack. He was suppose to be smart, calm, devious and strong. However he is currently not particularly calm or devious. In fact most people call him an idiot and a sis-con. And Jack would proudly tell everyone he wears his emotions on his sleeves. And Jack tends to swing a rusted sword covered in dried goblin blood at anyone that approaches me.

Arghh, did I change everything when I changed from being butt ugly to dazzlingly beautiful. Was it my fault.

Well I still have one more year to go before I have to enroll in the Academy of Flowers with these five capture targets. Only two of the capture targets leads to my death route, Prince Jules and my cousin brother Jack.

As she thought that, she looked into the mirror, her breast was big and perfect and jiggling away whenever she moved. Her platinum silver hair glows and is full of life like a lion’s mane. Her hair reached to her waist. Her skin was white and perfect and glows of health. Her face was perfect. She had curves on her slim body in all the right places. Her lips was plump and red as the colour of the rose. Her eyes were sharp and wide like a vixen and her eyes glowed like two blue emeralds. She was beautiful beyond belief maybe to the point of being called a goddess.

She sighed in her heart, had she done enough to prepare for her school life. She wanted to be friends with the heroine Sissy not as Princess Sarah but just as plain old Sarah. She had made lots of money with her company Rescue Squad Merchant Group. She had honed her swordsmanship and magic. And her magic power was equal to no one. Sarah thought she had done all she can to prepare and whatever fate had prepared she would just follow.

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