Chapter 1 Project Beauty

As I stumbled out of bed clinging onto to my weak knees and shaky hand I dragged my feet to meet my father. Juno my beautiful red haired maid moved her arms around my shoulder to support me as I go to see my father…

When I reached the library with two oaken doors that look too heavy to move , Juno entered the library easily pushing it aside entering taking me with her , “Father !” I cried , “I need your help, please help this poor child”.  My father Daryl with broad shoulders well trimmed beard and dirty blond hair with blue eyes looked at me and said “Sarah, I am so sorry, I will do anything to make it up to you”. I told him of my plan to use healers as well as magic users famed in disguise to reshape my face until I like how it look. His eyebrows arched upwards as I explained my plan to him and we talked for hours on how it might be able to be done, you could call it magic plastic surgery to make myself the most beautiful girl this World has ever seen…

Three months later, I have started my diet these last three months and exercised like crazy to lose all my weight in preparation for today, all the healers and magic users famed for using disguise was gathered there these were the best of the best and they were sworn to secrecy on what they are about to do tonight.  I talked with them about how I wanted to look I even had the best artist draw the most beautiful girl I could imagine… finally the time had come and they agreed it could be done but for disguise magic to work and be permenant they had to break the bones of face and use magic to heal it again and again, they asked me whether I could take the pain. I nodded my head and steeled my resolve as I said I can endure whatever pain they bring at me even if the pain last more than an hour I can take it.

So it began they broke my face, as I screamed in anguish and pain, they healed me again and again and they broke my face again. All 13 magic casters and healers had to use their magic in coordination again and again and after 50 minutes it was done as all the magic casters and healers fell down exhausted. I had screamed until I could scream no more and tears had flooded my face again and again but I had to stay conscious if not the magic would not work… when they had said it was done I collapsed in exhaustion as my eyes fell to darkness.

I awoke the next morning with June calling my name whispering like a breeze, “Sarah… Sarah… Sarah…” I woke up and quickly jumped out of bed to look at myself, unlike cosmetic surgery in Earth magic of this type to reshape and remold my face was instantaneous. As I looked at the mirror what stared back at me was a World class beauty.

My face looked like a princess with wide eyes like a creature whose exotic beyond belief, my lips are round and plump with perfection, my jaw is no longer square but oval, my nose is no longer crooked but small and cute like a little oojo (a cute creature in this land that was treasured as the most beautiful pet, very rare, very expensive and very difficult to keep alive). I was shocked at what looked back at me. Sarah cried June as tears streamed down her face as she looked at me she said “You are beautiful… so beautiful…”

As I walked down the staircase to have my breakfast or should I say late lunch all the maids and butlers just stared at me with disbelief, I could feel their eyes on me… I just could not help myself tears began to stream down my beautiful face as I cried. At last now I can have my revenge on the prince and avoid my death flag…

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