Chapter 27 – Flowers’ Academy Arrival

Princess Sarah was looking through her carriage window, it had the Royal Seal on it. She was a princess now and had to look the part. She would have preferred to have travelled in more modest means maybe on a normal carriage. This carriage carrying her was paid for by the kingdom and was extravagant and comfortable, she even had a footman. And accompanying this carriage were Royal guards provided to escort her around. She had not felt this trapped before. Being royalty is not so glamorous after all.

At least next to her she had her maid Juno and her personal guard Andre. Andre’s nickname among the servants in the Mira household is the idiot in love. And sitting next to her looking at her lovingly is her cousin brother Jack. Jack was grasping onto his rusted sword coated with dried goblin blood. He had insisted on bringing it to the Academy against his father’s wishes. And at the last moment Jack’s father had given up and mumbled something about I hope at least he can scare off the wolves away from his precious beautiful sheep.

Going to this Academy, the Academy of Flowers were Prince John, Mary Von Bestonet, the Marquis of Bestonet’s daughter and fellow businesswoman to Princess Sarah, Prince Jules, Vance and Violet Von Gou, the son and daughter of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Flowers, and finally Brian, the son of the Marqui of Rhine.

Sissy the heroine was also going to this Academy, she would capture the hearts of one of these targets or maybe all of their hearts. That’s the story in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, but unfortunately now the Villainess which was suppose to enter the academy as fat ugly girl had become a World class beauty, or maybe the most beautiful woman in existence.

Sissy the heroine had brown hair, beautiful brown hair up to her shoulder. She was not a World class beauty but a homely beauty, whereby you would look at her once and then ignore her. But she was suppose to have a pleasant personality and two attributes of magic, Earth and Water which would make her a genius in magic (most people only have one attribute). With her average good looks and pleasant personality a lot of boys was suppose to have fallen in love with her. However her pleasant personality is no longer there anymore. This was due to the fact that she was bullied badly when she was in the normal school she attended before coming here,  people in that school called her a “Rich Bitch” and other nasty names.

Before the entry into the Flowers Academy, all students have to take a magic test to measure his or her magic power and what type of attributes a person has.

The heroine Sissy was excited to show her powers. As she waited in line it was her turn. She touched a crystal ball.

“Eh, two attributes Earth and Water”, the examiner said.

“And your magic power is double that of an average person, wonderful Sissy”, the examiner added.

“You really are a genius”, the examiner added.

As she finished her magic exam, Sissy the heroine felt proud. She knew she did well. She moved to a group of ladies which were talking to each other.

“Ah, you must be Sissy, I heard that you have two attributes”, Lady one said.

“What about you ?”, Sissy asked.

“Unfortunately I only have one attribute and my magic power is normal”, Lady one said.

Suddenly the sounds of explosion could be heard.

Lady Two was running towards Lady One and said,

“Amazing, did you see that Lady One”.

“See what ?”, Lady One asked.

“There was a student that had seven attributes of magic when she touched the crystal ball. They don’t even know what the seventh attribute of magic is. And then the crystal ball exploded when it tried to measure her magical power. Her magical power was so high it made the crystal ball explode. In all its history, Flowers Academy has never had such a talented student”, Lady Two said.

“Who is she ?”, Sissy asked.

“Her name is Princess Sarah”, Lady Two answered.

Sissy mumbled in her heart that names sound so familiar.

As they talked, Sissy learned how beautiful Princess Sarah is. She also learned that Princess Sarah was a talented person. As well as the fact that whoever marries her will receive a Dukedom and a large bounty and land as well.

Next chapter the heroine and the Villainess meet.

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