Chapter 28 – Villainess vs Heroine

Princess Sarah had moved ahead of the line for the magic examination. She was given special privileges because she was a princess. In front of her appeared a young man of about sixteen years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. As the examiner called out his name, Princess Sarah could hear it.

“Prince Caspian”, examiner called.

Prince Caspian was quite handsome and quite an Ikemen.

“Place your hand on this crystal ball”, examiner asked.

As he placed his hand on the crystal ball, it glowed two colors.

“Oh you have two attributes, Fire and Wind, amazing !”, the examiner said.

“And your magic power is above normal, very good”, the examiner added.

Next it was a Princess Sarah’s turn as she placed her hand on the crystal ball seven colors appeared like the rainbow.

“Seven attributes ?, Umm…. this is the first time. I didn’t even know that there was a seventh attribute. What are you ?”, the examiner asked.

As the crystal ball tried to measure Princess Sarah’s magical power it glowed and glowed brighter until the crystal ball exploded and a crack could be seen on the crystal ball. Smoke could be seen coming out of the crack in the crystal ball. Luckily no one was hurt as there is a magic defense placed on the crystal ball to protect it.

“Umm… magic power immeasurable, can I ask what are you ? Are you human ? You look like a goddess ?”, the examiner asked.

“Heh.., sorry I am human”, as Princess Sarah said that she bowed. “Cute….”, the examiner said as blood shot out of his nose and he keeled over in his chair.

“Umm, Princess Sarah can we meet up later to chat, I would like us to be friends. My name is Prince Caspian”, Prince Caspian approached Princess Sarah and asked politely as he bowed.

“Of course I would like that”, Princess Sarah said sweetly while she smiled. As she said that she thought she had heard the name Prince Caspian somewhere before. Was he a secret capture target ?

“Arghh, kill…”, Jack said as he grasped his rusted goblin blood stained sword. Princess refrained Jack by touching him and he fainted with a deliriously stupid happy smile on his face.

As Princess Sarah stepped out of the examination hall she noticed someone. Could it be the heroine Sissy, the girl with the brown hair and homely looking. She rushed over there to talk to the heroine.

“Hello excuse me, are you Sissy ?”, Princess Sarah asked.

“Yes, my name is Sissy”, Sissy replied.

“Ah, yes, my name is Princess Sarah, I heard you did quite well, you had two magic attributes”, as Princess Sarah said that she curtsy.

“Eh… you are that a Princess Sarah, the Princess Sarah that had seven magic attributes. The one that blew out the crystal ball”, Sissy shouted in shock. Sissy thought why does that name sound so familiar.

“Umm, yes, I hope we can be friends”, Princess Sarah said sweetly.

“Yes, in fact I want to be your friend, in fact I think all of us want to be your friend”, Sissy said in shock.

“Yes we want to be your friend !!!”, Lady One and Two said together.

“Then I shall be friends with all of you. I will be in your care from now on”, as Princess Sarah said that she bowed and smiled sweetly.

They talked for a while before Princess Sarah left for her domitory meant for Royals.

Princess Sarah wondered what will tomorrow bring. She was exhausted already and who was that blonde haired blued eye boy ? Was he a capture target ? He was never in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”. His name sounds so familiar, who is he ?

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