Chapter 30 – Flowers Academy : The Heroine Part 1

Sissy Potter was a merchant’s daughter, her father Sam Potter and mother Susan Potter were merchants. In fact their family did quite well in business until a few years ago.

Sissy the heroine’s POV

Ahh, I can still remember I was originally a fat ugly girl from Earth, I used to love candy. I died choking on a candy cane while playing the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”. Probably when my parents found me I looked embarrassing. I mean choked on a candy cane while playing a game about love with unkempt hair and a fat unwashed body that had sweated all over. That’s so embarrassing. I was a neet, an otaku, a shut in and I had no friends.

That’s why I was so happy when I was reincarnated as Sissy the heroine in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”. Thank God, I was not reincarnated into the fat ugly Villainess, that’s what I thought at that time.

As time passed by, I found that my new family the Potters was loving and kind. Both my parents, Sam Potter and Susan Potter was kind and caring to me. I felt so lucky. I only had a mother in my previous life on Earth. I never felt love, the only advice I ever received from my mother was “Get a job you fat pig !”.

Because of their kindness, I strived to do my best in this World. I studied hard and the other girls in my school became jealous of me. I was proud of my grades and my ability (heroine had two magic attributes, Earth and Water). I lived a comfortable life and everything I achieved was by hard work. But the bullying in my school got worse. My parents wanted to hire a private tutor for me but we were comfortable but not rich. And they still had to save for me to go to Flowers Academy.

The bullying then started to change from bullying me to ostracizing my parents. My parents merchant business started to suffer. And they started to blame me, their love for got less and less. That’s why I was so glad to have a chance to move out, to go to Flowers Academy to study.

When I got to Flowers Academy I could not find the Villainess anywhere. Did she just disappear ? I had expected to be one of two people to be called a genius as I had two magic attributes and the only other person in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, to have two magic attributes was the handsome Brian, the Marquis of Rhine’s son. However all expectations came off, there were three people with two magic attributes including a new person called Prince Caspian. And there was a fourth person with seven magic attributes, Princess Sarah. And her magic power was so much greater than mine. I was suppose to be one of a two people with great magic power in the school, what happened ?

I even made friends in this new school. Princess Sarah, the girl with seven magic attributes became my friend. She was so lovely. Silver glowing long hair that extended to her waist. Her hair thick as a lion’s mane. Her breast jiggled whenever she moved, her breast were huge. Her body was slim with curves in all the right places. Her skin was white and perfect. Her skin seems to glow. Her face was perfect. Her eyes look like two sharp wide vixen eyes with blue diamonds embedded in them. Her eye shone like blue diamonds and was as deep as the ocean. And she had a sweet smell coming out of her body, the smell of beautiful flowers. She looked like a goddess. If you had told me she was human and I saw her far away I would not have believed you. However after spending time with her I grew to like her a lot. She had a kind and sweet heart and only says good things about people. She even highlighted to me all the good characteristics of the capture target.

She said that Prince Jules had a kind heart and never looked at a girls beauty only but looked at her personality. She said Jack her brother was kind and a bit over protective. Brian seems to care about the people of Rhine. He especially cared about his people’s health, whether they were getting enough sun or not. Prince John likes to see and protect people from afar, observing them while not interfering. While Vance Van Gou, the Prime Minister’s son likes to take on the suffering of others, I wondered what she meant by that, but well it must be a compliment.

After we finished our talk, I retired to my room and a knock came to the door of my room. When I opened the door a handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes appeared. He was an Ikemen. My heart beat faster seeing him. Who was he ?

“Hello, let me introduce myself my lady, my name is a Prince Caspian”, Prince Caspian said while he smiled and bowed.

Why does that name sound so familiar, a voice in Sissy Potter’s Head called out.

“Uh… my name is Sissy, Sissy Potter. It is nice to meet you”, Sissy said.

“Would like to have tea and a chat sometime”, Prince Caspian asked and smiled a devilish smile again.

“Uh.. yeah, ok”, Sissy said bedazzled.

“Very well then, I shall take my leave for now”, as Prince Caspian said that he bowed and proceeded to leave.

Sissy the heroine’s POV

Sissy Potter was confused, there was never a capture target by the name of Prince Caspian in the school. In fact no one by the name Prince Caspian existed in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, but yet why does the name sound so familiar. As Sissy pushed those thoughts out her mind she resolved to capture the hearts of all the capture target in this school. She would do that tomorrow starting with Prince Jules, the 4th prince of the Kingdom of Flowers.

Next morning she followed the scenario of the Otome Game, “The Flowers of a Love”, and she climbed the tree near to the school entrance. She was suppose to meet Prince Jules right here. According to Princess Sarah, Prince Jules was kind and looked at a girl’s personality and not her beauty. As she waited and waited no one came. Then suddenly an ugly blonde haired boy appeared. He had greasy unkempt hair. His face was round and his eyes seem small. His plump fat body was giving off a terrible smell. She was so shocked she gave out a scream. Then in her mind something registered, that was the prince, that was Prince Jules. Sissy’s mind went blank as she jumped down from the tree, screamed and ran away.

How could that be ? How could that be Prince Jules she said to herself. She decided never to see Prince Jules again from fear that a romance would blossom between her and Prince Jules. That’s why whenever Sissy sees Prince Jules in the corridor of the school she would hide. And whenever she sees Prince Jules coming, she would move the other way to avoid him from now on.

A day later she decided to try to capture the target Jack, the Villainess’s brother. But first she checked him out from afar first to make sure he was handsome. And he was, he was a good looking young blonde haired man. She then decided to make her move. According to Princess Sarah, Jack was kind and overprotective. Overprotective of what ? He didn’t seem to have a lover ? Wait over protective of her sister ? Would that not make Princess Sarah the Villainess Sarah Von Hill the ugly fat duke’s daughter. No it can’t be, Princess Sarah was slim and beautiful. She was also so kind to me and became my friend. What sort of nonsense am I thinking about. In the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, the character Jack Von Hill was a scoundrel that fell in love with Sissy after picking up her handkerchief and seeing Sissy’s beautiful face.

As Sissy firmly decided to proceed with her plan, she dropped her handkerchief in front of Jack. Jack picked it up and passed it to her without saying a word and promptly walked away. He did not even look at her. Sissy proceeded to drop the handkerchief in front of Jack again. This time Jack just ignored her and walked. In Sissy’s heart she was screaming what part of this is kind and protective. Then she picked up her handkerchief on her own and proceeded to drop her handkerchief in front of Jack for a third time, he scowled at her.

“What the fock are you doing ?”, Jack shouted while his face grimaced in anger.

Sissy was taken aback and promptly left the corridor they were in. In her mind she wondered what happened to the calm smart scoundrel that loved the heroine that was suppose to be in the game. From what she could see, Jack was a quick tempered nasty boy that did not have any charm. She decided to cross him off her capture target.

Well next on the list of capture target would be the Marquis of Rhine’s son Brian. From my spying of him he seems to be always wearing a large coat covering his entire body. Since there are no scenarios where the heroine and Brian meet. I shall greet him when no one is around, it will be a one on one conversation. According to Princess Sarah, Brian cares about the health of the people the territory of Rhine. What a kind and sweet young man I said in my heart.

Finally I waited long enough until he was alone in the garden in the school. I approached him and said,

“Hello, Brian, my name is Sissy Potter I am one of your classmates, it is nice to meet you”, as Sissy said that she smiled and bowed.

“Ah, I am Brian the Marquis of Rhine’s son”, Brian said and bowed as well.

“Yes, I have been waiting for this opportunity to get to know you better and to learn from you”, as Sissy said that she smiled at Brian.

“Get to know me better and learn from me….”, as Brian said that his eyes lighted up and he had a gleeful smile.

“Then you shall learn everything about me”, Brian added.

As Brian said that he took off his coat and threw in on the ground, he was completely naked underneath that coat. Sissy was shocked and screamed and covered her eyes. After she got over her shock Sissy shouted , “You bastard !”, and ran out of there as quick as she can. Brian had flashed his naked body in front of Sissy.

Sissy the heroine’s POV

What happened ? Brian in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love” was suppose to be a morose genius in magic. He was an Ikemen and a genius. He had style and was gentleman. He was never a pervert and a flasher.  What happened ? A few days later after Sissy got over the shock of seeing Brian naked he found out Brian was famous, he was known as the flasher of Rhine. And he had found another victim, Sissy, he had flashed his naked body in front of her. Sissy had decided to cross off Brian on her list of capture targets for her sanity and dignity. She even went out of her way to avoid meeting Brian in case he decided to flash her again.

Brian the Duke of Rhine’s son POV

I was in the garden at the school to do my daily sunbathing. It was healthy for the skin and good for the body. When suddenly a girl with brown hair had appeared. She introduced herself as Sissy Potter, one of my classmates at Flowers Academy. I of course being a gentleman introduced myself to her. Then she asked me to show her my technique for a healthy body. I was so happy that someone had wanted to learn nude sunbathing. Of course I showed it to her and promptly took off my clothes. She then did something unusual and out of my expectations, she screamed obscenities at me and ran away. What an unusual girl, from that day on I vowed to show her the beauty of naked sunbathing every chance I get.

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