Chapter 31 – Flowers Academy : The Heroine Part 2

After seeing Brian naked in all his full glory, Sissy hid her domitory room for three days straight depressed. She thought to herself that she was suppose to have the time of her life in Flowers Academy after all she is the heroine of the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, she was suppose to have easily captured all the hearts of the capture targets. What happened she wondered ? Then there was the mysterious sixth capture target Prince Caspian. His name sounds familiar but she has not heard of him before. Oh, well on the fourth day Sissy thought she had to strengthen her heart and continue trying to capture the hearts of the capture targets. After all, this is her game, she died playing this game and she is the heroine of the game.

As she thought those thoughts, she remembered Prince John one of the capture target. According to Princess Sarah he likes to see and protect people from afar. Hopefully it is not a nasty surprise like Brian the flasher. Come to think of it to get to Prince John I need to go through Mary Von Bestonet the Marquis of Bestonet’s daughter. Mary was Prince John’s fiancée.

Then she will be the first person I see. Mary Von Bestonet was suppose to be the person stopping the heroine from the capture target Prince John. If Sarah Von Hill was the major Villainess then Mary was the minor Villainess in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”. Time to confront her. When I approached Mary near the corridors of the school, no one was there.

“Mary, ahem.. you may not know me but my name is Sissy Potter and I am interested in your fiancée Prince John”, Sissy said softly with her head bowed down. Sissy had expected Mary to scold her after saying that.

“Fiancée..”, Mary said as she looked at Sissy with pity.

“I think you are mistaken, at one point in time we were engaged but I think the engagement is no longer valid. I never intend to get married. I pity poor lost souls like yourself that cannot seem to get any fulfillment unless they cling to a man. Ha, ha, ha”, as Mary said that she laughed.

“Then you don’t mind if I pursue Prince John”, Sissy said in surprise.

“Be my guest, in fact you would be solving one of my problems.”, Mary said with a smile.

As Sissy looked at Mary, she could tell that Mary was genuinely happy as she skipped away from the corridor. Sissy started to think strange thoughts, is there something wrong with Prince John ? After all Prince Jules was fat and ugly unlike in the game he was handsome and smart. Jack was short tempered and open unlike in the game he was calm and devious. While Brian in the game was normal, the current Brian could only be known as one of the worst offenders to women, he was a flasher. And he seems proud of it. Could there be something wrong with Prince John ?

As Sissy tried her best to shelve away those thoughts, she did some investigations on Prince John. Or at least she tried to do some investigations on Prince John. Wherever she looked for Prince John she could never find him. In fact he use to appear there suddenly and disappear immediately afterwards. He was like a ghost.

As Sissy struggled to investigate Prince John she asked around her friends where she can find Prince John. All her friends told her, if you follow Princess Sarah you will find Prince John. Why did they say that, Sissy wondered ? So began the Sissy files, the investigation into Prince John. As she followed Princess Sarah around, Sissy began to fall in love with Princess Sarah. In her thoughts she thought that Princess Sarah was so beautiful and kind. Princess Sarah was not only beautiful but she was kind and had lots of friends. She never made friends on social status, after all she is princess, the highest of the status. In fact she was even kind to the old man gardener at school, she would always ask the old gardener how he is and bring food to him. Sissy could tell the old gardener was head over heels in love with Princess Sarah. And Sissy’s mood began to soften towards Princess Sarah. Was this yuri love (lesbian love) she wondered ? Was she becoming a lesbian due to a lack of decent guys in the school ?

As Sissy manage to snap out of her thoughts of Princess Sarah. She began to notice a young man with blonde hair always hiding in the shadow observing Princess Sarah. In her mind only one thing came up “Stalker”, there was a stalker following Princess Sarah. Why had she not noticed all this time ? No, the other times Princess Sarah was not in an open field and it was difficult to recognize or see the stalker, he must be an expert at stalking. And wait is that a magic camera and is he taking photos of sweet young Princess Sarah. I have to put a stop to this, Sissy thought in her mind.

Sissy strode to where the blonde stalker was hiding and grabbed his magic camera with force. As she did that she realized the person she grabbed the camera from and who is standing in front of her was Prince John. Sissy froze. Something registered in her mind, the Stalker was Prince John and Prince John was the Stalker. Sissy dropped the camera on the ground, she screamed and then she ran away.

As she ran away, Princess Sarah had noticed the commotion and approached Prince John and gave him a knock on his head. Prince John seems to have been deliriously happy to receive the knock from Princess Sarah, as a wide grin formed from his face.

As Sissy hid in her room for another three days in shock and depression, time went by. She thought no way that can be Prince John. Prince John in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love” was a genius musician and a good looking kind Prince, when did this version of Prince John become the prince of stalkers. In fact it seems that Princess Sarah was kind enough not to mind that Prince John was stalking her. Mary Von Bestonet did not want to have anything to do with her fiancée, Prince John. I too do not want to have anything to do with Prince John, Sissy thought. She was going to cross off Prince John from her group of capture target, no she is going to avoid Prince John, the stalker like the plague.

Next on her list of capture target was Vance Von Gou, the Prime Minister’s son, Sissy did not hold too much hope with all the disasters she went through. If she remembered correctly Princess Sarah said he was decent person that like to take on the pain of others. He sounds perfect, Sissy thought. Although in Sissy’s mind there were alarm bells ringing like crazy warning her not to approach Vance Von Gou.

As Sissy thought about Vance Von Gou the Prime Minister’s son she thought that she had go through the obstacle of Vance’s sister Violet Von Gou, she is the obstacle to Vance’s heart as he loved her sister and his family a lot. Ahh, well I suppose a meeting with Violet Von Gou would be good, Sissy thought.

As the day approached Sissy manage to find Violet Von Gou all alone in the classroom and approached her.

“Ahem, my name is Sissy Potter and I am interested in your brother.”, Sissy said sweetly.

As Sissy said that, Violet Von Gou rushed up to Sissy and grasped her hand,

“Ahh, I knew that there must be someone that liked that stuff, my brother cannot be the only one that like it”, Violet cried out.

As Violet said that Sissy’s face went pale and all the blood rushed out of her face. What did Violet mean like that stuff ? What did she mean only one ?

“Wait for me here I will get Vance, he has been so depressed since Princess Sarah rejected him.”, Violet Von Gou said excitedly.

Wait, Princess Sarah rejected him. Why ? Strange thoughts were starting to form in Sissy’s mind. In her head warning bells were ringing saying run, run, run ! But she was too late in front of Sissy appeared a handsome young man in glasses. They were stylish glasses.

“Hello, I am Vance Von Gou, nice to meet you”, Vance said with a smile.

“Hello, uhh, I am Sissy Potter”, Sissy said in a confused state.

“Ah I never thought I would find a fellow practitioner here in school with me, I am so glad.”, Vance said happily.

“Practioner ?”, Sissy grunted out in shock.

“Yes, practitioner in S and M, Sadomasochism.”, Vance said proudly as he took out ropes, a whip and various other weird paraphernalia.

Sissy stared at Vance for a while, screamed and ran away. This time Sissy stayed in her room in the domitory depressed for five days, the longest it had ever been. As she thought who’s fault is it that she is in this situation a knock came to the door.

“Hello, are you there ?”, Prince Caspian asked.

“Yes”, Sissy replied energetically.

“Would you like to go for tea and a chat.”, Prince Caspian asked sweetly.

“Yes, please I would love to”, Sissy said.

They both went off to have tea and a chat at the school cafeteria. After which Sissy felt better about herself. She thought, if her choice is between a fat ugly young man, a short tempered idiot, a flasher, a stalker, a masochist and an unknown Prince, she would take the unknown Prince. After all he did not seem to be like such a bad guy. That’s what Sissy thought, but then why does alarm bells seem to be going off her head and heart. And why is Prince Caspian’s name so familiar even though he never appears in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”.

As she pondered such thoughts she decided to start a relationship with Prince Caspian and capture his heart.

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