Chapter 32 – Flowers Academy : Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian, when you look at him, two words come to mind handsome and stylish. With his good looks and style he had captured many girls hearts in Flowers Academy. However he seems to be spending time with these two girls the most, the first was the Princess of the Flower Kingdom, Princess Sarah and the second was Sissy Potter, a merchant’s daughter.

Prince Caspian has blonde hair and blue eyes. And he seems to know how to dress appropriately to bring out the blue in his eyes, you could say he is fashionable. He even knows etiquette. He has a nice body that show he works out. And he has two magic attributes, Fire and Wind making him a genius. Prince Caspian also works hard at school and has good school results. He was presentable all the time and a gentleman. He was the most eligible bachelor in Flowers Academy.

In front of everyone Prince Caspian was charming to the ladies and good friends with all the guys. Prince Caspian was popular with the girls of the school. And he was good friends with most of the guys in this school. What is wrong with this picture ? In fact this is all an act, this is not the real Prince Caspian when he goes back to his room attended by his attendant he is a different person. In fact Prince Caspian was harboring a major secret, a secret that could destroy him.

Prince Caspian’s POV

Ahh, I wish I did not have to hide what I like. I wish I could tell the World who I was.

But I have to hide it, my preferences for men. I like big muscular men, I have no interests in women or girls. I am gay. But I have to hide it. If people in Flowers Academy were ever to find out I would be ostracized. I need to keep on hiding my identity to be successful in my plan. Why must I be born a man, if I was born a woman I could have sacrificed myself and saved my country. But I have no choice I need to sacrifice one of these two exceptional girls that I have met, either Princess Sarah or Sissy Potter. Then my country would be saved.

When I met Princess Sarah it was at the entrance examination of Flowers Academy. She was extremely beautiful. Silver long glowing hair to her waist. Her silver hair as thick as lion’s mane. Her breast big, bountiful and jiggling whenever she walked. Her figure slim with curves in all the right places. Her skin flawless. Her face perfect. Her lips thick and red as rose. Her eyes like a vixen and wide. Her eye color was beautiful, her eyes shone like two blue diamonds.

It was there I saw amazed a girl with seven attributes of magic. And she had enough magic power to destroy the crystal ball. I thought if I bring her to him, he would spare my kingdom. Most guys would be affected by her beauty but I am gay and only like guys, so I was pretty much unaffected. But then I started to spend time with her and found her kind and loving. She felt like a sister to me. There is no way I can sacrifice her to him.

I thought I had no choice but to sacrifice Princess Sarah, but then I heard of a girl with two magic attributes and above normal magic power. I went to see her. Her name is Sissy Potter, a merchant’s daughter. I began to spend time with her too. But I did not like her personality that much, I mean going after someone’s fiancée like Prince John is just bad taste. Her personality seems to grate me the wrong way as well, she looks to always find someone to blame for all her troubles. I think she would make a good sacrifice for him. I will seduce her and bring her back to my kingdom.

Prince Caspian knew in his heart that he had to sacrifice someone. He didn’t want it to be someone he liked and he liked Princess Sarah. He thought in his heart even though he was gay he would not mind spending the rest of his life with Princess Sarah. After all there were always a group of good looking young man surrounding Princess Sarah. Life around her would be interesting, he would certainly never be bored. His only regret is that he has to sacrifice someone, even if that someone was Sissy Potter. He felt like confessing to Princess Sarah, maybe she could help. No, in his mind no one can help. He has to steele his resolve to sacrifice one person to save a kingdom.

Prince Caspian was going to seduce Sissy Potter using an Earth song brought by summoned people to this World. He would sing , “When A Man Loves A Woman”, by Michael Bolton to Sissy Potter and capture her heart.

Next chapter : Princess Sarah’s POV and confrontation with the heroine

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