Chapter 34 – Flowers Academy : Confrontation

Princess Sarah’s POV

From Sato’s report, Sissy Potter was a hardworking girl that was targeted at her previous school because she works hard. Her personality previously used to be joyful but changed when her parents business was targeted by her school mates’ parents. When Sissy’s parents merchant business fell, her parents love for her fell as well. Sissy lost her family support and it twisted her personality.

As Princess Sarah read the report a trickle of tears stream down her beautiful face. She felt pity for Sissy.

Princess Sarah decided to visit Sissy Potter’s family and Sissy herself during the up coming school holidays and talk to her parents and to Sissy as well. I need to help her and her family if I can. I don’t know why I want to help her but I just feel like it.

Time passed and soon the school holidays came. A royal carriage was used to shepherd Princess Sarah, her maid, Juno and her guard Andre to visit Sissy Potter and her family.

At the same time before Sissy Potter left for her home this is what happened when she was having a conversation with Lady One and Lady Two.

“Princess Sarah is really amazing Lady One, she even help defend me against bullies. By the way do you know of anyone by the name of Sarah Von Hill ?”, Sissy asked curiously.

“Uhh.. Princess Sarah is Sarah Von Hill, she is the god daughter of the king. Sarah’s full name is Princess Sarah Von Hill Mira Flowers.”, Lady Two said.

“Huh..”, Sissy cried, “It can’t be the same person !”, she shouted. Deep in her heart and in her confusion she came to the conclusion that her school life has been so bad due to the Villainess Princess Sarah. “It’s all her fault”, she mumbled under her breath. No one heard her say that. Her face darkened into that of a demon.

And before Prince Caspian left for his holiday he had a conversation with a Princess Sarah at a cafe at Flowers Academy. This is what happened.

“Sissy Potter is really pitiful. Her whole family is against her due to no fault of her own. I guess her parents are similar to her in that regard, they tend to blame others”, Princes Sarah said as she sipped her tea.

“Uhh, are we talking about the same Sissy Potter here. The one that bad mouth people around her. The one that acts like she is the most beautiful girl in the World ?”, Prince Caspian asked.

“I think it is all due to bad circumstances, if she had someone to support her I don’t think she will be that way. I feel like I want to support her and help her. I don’t know why but she seems pitiful to me. All her feelings are hidden and she wears a mask, that Sissy Potter.”, Princess Sarah said as she smiled sweetly.

“Uh.. you are an angel. I like Sissy Potter too but in a different way”, Prince Caspian said.

“Yes, I heard you serenade her. So I am asking as a friend help her. I am going to her family’s house to help her and hopefully clear up some mess”, Princess Sarah smiled and said sweetly.

“Yes, I think I will help her.”, Prince Caspian replied as he looked down. Prince Caspian’s face looks dejected. In his heart Prince Caspian has decided to break off with Sissy Potter after she comes back to school rather than sacrifice her to him.

When Princess Sarah arrived with the royal carriage, Sissy Potter’s parents were shocked. Both Sam and Susan Potter the merchant’s never expected royalty to come to their humble home. They also have never seen such a bveautiful girl before, it’s like a goddess has descended from the heavens. It made them think of the goddess of light and kindness, Sarah. Sam and Susan Potter both asked Princess Sarah simultaneously,

“Are you the goddess Sarah descended from the heavens ?”

“Uhh.. no, I am Princess Sarah.”, Princess Sarah replied looking dejected. At that moment she wished she had never helped those two bandits. As they say no good deeds ever go unpunished or was it bad deeds ?

When Princess Sarah was invited to Sam and Susan Potter’s house she spoke to them.

“I am here to help you and to help Sissy your daughter. We are friends at Flowers Academy. Here I have a contract from Rescue Squad Merchant Group appointing you the dealer for their soft candy in this town. Now remember I can cancel this contract anytime since I am the owner of the Rescue Squad Merchant Group, the No.1 Company in the World.”, Princess Sarah said while she smiled sweetly.

“However I expect you to treat your daughter better and to start acting like parents. Do you Sissy has been bad mouthing people in school ? Do you know Sissy is getting bullied ? Do you know she feels lonely and does not seem to have any support, not even from her parents ?”, Princess Sarah added.

As she finished saying that tears streamed from the faces of both of Sissy’s parents.

“We will do better ! We promise you. From today we will try to change our ways.”, both Sissy’s parents said.

After that Princess Sarah and Sissy Potter’s parents had a discussion to finalize everything. As a Princess Sarah was about to leave, Sissy Potter burst into the room and said,

“You, you monster what are you doing in my house. Get out ! It’s all your fault ! Get out !”, Sissy shouted.

“Sissy calm down. She is here to help us.”, Susan Potter said.

“It is alright, I will be taking my leave then.”, Princess Sarah said as she left.

Sam Potter hugged Sissy Potter and said,

“Sissy we are sorry for the way we treated you. It’s not your fault that our business is not doing well. We are just not very good business people and it was easier to blame you. I hope you don’t pick up this bad trait of ours. And we just want you to know we love you always. And we are sorry if we made you feel that we don’t love you.”

Susan Potter hugged Sissy Potter together with Sam and added, “Yes what your dad says is true we are terrible parents, forgive us Sissy.”

As they said that, tears streamed down Sissy’s face, she said, “I love you both dad and mom and I am sorry if I have been a bad daughter”.

Father, mother and daughter in the Potter had a good talk that night and they became closer as a family. Sissy manage to feel lighter and started to feel the love from her family again. Now the question remains will her character change ?

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