Chapter 35 – The Confessions

When Sissy arrived back at Flowers Academy she was happy. She wanted to finish her studies and spend more time at home. She wanted to help her parents set up the Rescue Squad Merchant Group’s soft candy franchise in their town. She knew her parents were going to make lots of money since the recipe of soft candies were monopolized by the Rescue Squad Merchant Group And no one knew how to make them.

She had her friends minus Princess Sarah. She had her boyfriend Prince Caspian. Everything was looking like sunshine in Sissy’s life. Nothing could go wrong now. She wasn’t interested in the other capture target, the ugly one, the bad tempered one, the flasher, the stalker and the masochist. Thinking about them made Sissy shudder.

She could not be in a bad mood today as she had a date with Prince Caspian. They would meet at a cafe in school today. Why had Prince Caspian not come to pick her up ? She thought something was off and put it out of her mind.

When she arrived at the school cafe, Prince Caspian was already there. He looked dejected.

“Why do you look so glum ?”, Sissy asked.

“Ah you are here Sissy, please sit down”, Prince Caspian replied.

“…..”, as Sissy sat down she said nothing.

“Sissy I am sorry I have to break up with you, it’s for your own good”, Prince Caspian said.

“Is is because Princess Sarah said bad things about me ?”, Sissy asked.

“No, Princess Sarah only said good things about you. In fact she went to visit your family to help you and to help your family. I think she is your only true friend”, Prince Caspian replied with a stern face.

“…., I don’t need a Princess Sarah’s help, my parents just got the soft candy franchise for my town from the Rescue Squad Merchant Group.”, as Sissy said that proudly she gave an arrogant smile.

“Ha, Ha, ha”, Prince Caspian laughed.

“Why are you laughing ?”, Sissy asked.

“You do know that Princess Sarah is the boss and sole owner of the Rescue Squad Merchant Group. Not only is she a good friend to you that only says good things about you, which probably isn’t true but she is helping your family as well. You had better hope nothing happens to her for the next person to own the Rescue Squad Merchant Group will probably take your franchise away. And you will lose the most precious thing in your life, a true friend.”, as Prince Caspian said that he mumbled, “should have taken you to him, damn”, he said it softly so Sissy didn’t hear it.

“What ? No, it can’t be. She is a Villainess. It can’t be !”, Sissy screamed.

“You still can’t accept the truth in front of you. Well good luck. We are now broken up and I hope to never see you again”, as Prince Caspian said that he left the cafe at the school. In his mind he has decided to go see Princess Sarah and confess the truth to her and ask her for her help. Prince Caspian left the cafe to look for Princess Sarah.

As for Sissy Potter she is sitting down and crouching. She had never received such a shock before. In her mind she is wondering whether she is the real Villainess and Princess Sarah was the true heroine. Sissy began to réalize how good and kind Princess Sarah was. She even realized that Princess Sarah was helping her all the time in school. Her heart began to move, she decided to see Princess Sarah to tell her she loves her now and forever (yuri love ?). Sissy moved from the cafe’s chair to look for Princess Sarah.

As all that is happening. Prince Jules is sitting down in the library hiding from people and reading a book. In his mind he was thinking of all the bad things he had done to Princess Sarah and how she had turned around and changed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. And even when he became ugly, she never left his side like some of his erstwhile friends. Princess Sarah stayed his friend and talked to him and was kind to him. He decided to see Princess Sarah and confess his love to her today. He dropped the library book and went to look for her.

As Jack sat down in the garden, he was thinking. He thought at that time when he was adopted into the Hill Mira household, how he was expecting to see an ugly little girl by the name of Sarah. The surprise he got from seeing an elegant beautiful little girl. How kind and accepting that girl is. And how deeply he fell in love with her. Jack had to do it, he had to confess his love for Princess Sarah before he lost his nerve. Jack left the flower garden in search of Princess Sarah.

Brian, the Marquis of Rhine’s son was in his room. He looked at a magic picture, he with his Mom and Princess Sarah as a little girl. How she saved his Mom’s life. How kind Princess Sarah is. Even now when people call him flasher and avoid him, Princess Sara never avoided him and was always kind to him. Brian knew in his heart that he loved a Princess Sarah dearly. He felt now was the time to confess his love to a Princess Sarah. Brian left his room in search of a Princess Sarah to confess his love to her.

Prince John which usually spends his time stalking Princess Sarah today was looking for her. As he searched for her, Prince John began to realize that a Princess Sarah never said an unkind word about him or to him even when he was stalking her all this time. In fact some girls would have complained about him and spread malicious rumors about him. He sighed. Prince John felt he could no longer keep it in any longer, he decided to look for a Princess Sarah to confess his love to her.

Vance Von Gou the Prime Minister’s son and his sister Violet was talking in the school cafeteria. They were reminiscing of the time they met Princess Sarah at the ball. How beautiful she is. How she became their friend. And how she is still their friend up to this day, even when Vance acquired a weird hobby of sadomasochism. Vance decided to tell Princess Sarah how he truly felt and confess his love to her again. Violet said she will support him and will help him. Both Vance and Violet Von Gou left the school cafeteria to look for Princess Sarah.

At the same time entering into the school entrance undetected was a bald man with crooked nose, his name was Crowley. He used to be the Court Mage. He had a look of determination. In his hand he was holding something hidden. He had an evil smile on. In his mind, he told himself once he threw this item at Princess Sarah it will be all over. He hopes he is able to complete his mission. This man once known as Creepy Crowley had never failed a mission before and he does not intend to fail this mission today. Crowley was searching the school grounds for Princess Sarah. Who will reach Princess Sarah first ?

As all this is happening Princess Sarah is walking around the school ground whistling a tune while her beautiful long hair sway with the wind. Next to her was her red headed maid Juno. Princess Sarah had sent Andre her guard off to have a rest after the long journey from her house back to school. While her Master Stalker, Sato was no longer there as Princess Sarah had sent him off to deliver a message to her parents that she had arrived safely at school.

Who will reach Princess Sarah first ?

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