Chapter 36 – Finale

Princess Sarah was happy, Sissy Potter did not go for the capture target Prince Julien or Jack her cousin brother. Instead Sissy the heroine was in a relationship with Prince Caspian. Why does the name Prince Caspian bother her so much, it seems so familiar. Anyway none of her death flag was triggered and if she was to die, it would be before this holiday. Since she is back from this holiday without the death flag triggering like in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, she was pretty sure she is safe now. That’s why she’s whistling while walking around leisurely with her maid Juno. Princess Sarah felt good, she was in such a good mood.

Suddenly a shadow approach her, it was a cloaked man. As he pulled off his hood, he showed his bald head and crooked nose.

“Crowley !”, she shouted.

“Hello Princess Sarah, catch.”, Crowley said as he threw something to Princess Sarah.

As Princess Sarah by instinct caught the item, a ray of light flashed onto her, time seemed to stand still. Next to her, she could see all her friends, Prince Jules, Prince John, Brian, Vance and Violet Von Gou. Even her brother Jack was there. And surprisingly she saw Sissy the heroine looking at her worriedly.

Crowley aka Creepy Crowley’s POV

When I was kicked as the court magician to the kingdom of Flowers I was despondent. I was angry at the Duke of Mira and her daughter Princess Sarah. I wandered around the territories until I ended next to the Duke of Mira’s territory. I thought it will be easier to take my revenge. Little did I know the territory next to it called Berin was the home of the Pope for the religion of the goddess Sarah, damn she even has the same name as the Duke of Mira’s daughter.

The Pope was the son of the Duke of Berin, his name was Bob. He used to be a wanderer and a bandit. He changed his ways after he met the goddess Sarah and started the religion worshipping her. It was the fastest growing religion in this World. They even took me in and fed me and clothed me. My anger towards Sarah turned to peace, I began to feel better about her. The penalty for kidnapping was death in the Kingdom of Flowers and she saved my life. Why am I so crazy in hating her when all of this is my fault. My success in life was my own doing and currently my failure in life was caused by me.

When I saw the statue of the goddess Sarah she looked just like a younger version of Princess Sarah. I told that to Bob Von Berin. We discussed a lot of things including the living goddess idea and he took out a stack of books and parchments. What he showed me shocked me, if a god or goddess receives enough power, the god or goddess can create their own heaven. Those who are saints of that religion together with the followers after they die will go to that heaven. There is an additional gift to the saints of that religion, once they end up in heaven they could change their own appearance and body to suite them. On top of that they would have extra powers gifted by the god or goddess. And to add up all these gifts would be the ability to return to this World as her representative anytime we want provided the god or goddess we worship is powerful enough.

Bob the Pope of the Sarah religion further explained to me they having been keeping a relic of the goddess Sarah, the bag of gold coins with emblem of the Duke of Mira and the gold coins inside. Each bishop of the religion of Sarah was given one gold coin to be worshipped as a sacred object. The rest was kept by the Pope and worshipped here in the church of Sarah. If the gold coins and bag powered by the beliefs of the believers of the religion of Sarah touch the goddess Sarah he believes it would power up the goddess Sarah and allow her to ascend to heaven. Bob the Pope believes the current goddess Sarah is bound to a human body and can be freed if she touches this sacred object that had been worshipped by million of followers.

I ponder for a while and imagine how good it would be that after I die, I could decide on how I look and what age I could be. And then on top of that the cherry on the icing would be that I can go back to the human World as a handsome hero and not some bald old ugly man. This is just too good an opportunity to pass up. I then told Bob the Pope for the religion of Sarah my plan to revive the goddess Sarah. He was so happy he made me the bishop of the Royal Capital of the Kingdom of Flowers.

I sneaked into the Royal Capital And entered the Flowers Academy looking for Princess Sarah. My plan was to throw the holy relic, the bag with the emblem of the Duke of Mira together with the gold coins at Princess Sarah. I cannot and must not fail. I was successful in my mission.

So here we are now.

Princess Sarah’s POV

As Princess Sarah looked down on her hand what she had caught, she noticed it was the bag of gold she had given to the two bandits when she was young. She just sighed no good deed ever goes unpunished or was it bad deed. The bag was worn down now after many years but it still had the emblem of the Duke of Mira. On top of that most of the gold coins was still in that bag.

Trapped in the ray of light, Princess Sarah wondered what Crowley was up to. She can see all her friends here, they must have been looking for her and saw the ray of light from the heavens shining down trapping her. All her friends, Prince Jules, Prince John, Brian, Vance and Violet Von Gou was trying to get her out of the ray of light. Her brother Jack was trying to cleave the ray of light with her sword. Even the heroine Sissy is trying to break the ray of light with her fist. In her heart she was so happy that they tried to rescue her. Even if this is the end she was happy.

Suddenly she hears a sound booming out from the ray of light, “Princess Sarah Von Hill Mira Flowers is now upgraded to become a goddess !”. As the voice stopped she felt the light enveloped her filling her with power. She felt her body being molded. After that the light disappeared and she collapse on the floor.

As she got up, there were gasp as her friends was staring at her on the floor. Jack had fainted with a huge nosebleed and a flushed red face. The heroine Sissy was on the floor too staring at her with her mouth agape. Crowley was on the ground kneeling and worshiping her calling her, “Oh, goddess of light and kindness Sarah, your bishop here worships you !”.

As she saw the reflection on the ground she was beautiful beyond belief, if at all possible she has grown more beautiful due to the belief of her worshippers.

This is how she looks now the goddess Sarah, her long wavy silver hair up to her waist is glowing. Her hair is as thick as a lion’s mane. Her skin is now white perfect and translucent. Her face is shining and even more beautiful than before. Her lips red the color of a deep red rose. Her breast has grown a size and jiggles even more when she moves. Her eyes were wide and vixen looking. Her eye colour were now golden and shining. She was truly a goddess now and she would never age again.

The End.

(Note : Book 2 Otome Game vs Demon King Game for more stories on goddess Sarah)

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