Chapter 3 Results of the Effort

It has been two years now of using the skin products, the organic hair care products, doing yoga, exercising, keeping a balanced diet and eating kismet fruit, I am now 9 years old. When I move from the bed to do my daily routine of excercising, yoga, regimen beauty care as well as eating kismet fruit, I could see my reflection in the mirror what looked back at me was incredibly beautiful you could call it a goddess, my face was slim and beautiful, with a cute nose, wide eyes that was blue and could swallow the ocean, skin that was white and soft as silk no matter how rough I was with my body(I have been taking swordsmanship lessons these last two years to learn to defend myself) , and I smell like flowers, almost like a child goddess has descended from the heavens. The smell of flowers coming from my body was not natural was definitely the result of eating the kismet fruit. Even Juno my maid said that my smell in the morning calmed her down and made her happy.

Eating the kismet fruit eaten by the Oojo had a few amazing effects, my skin had become soft as silk even when I practiced swordsmanship every day my hand was not rough or coarse, in fact it was still soft as silk. I do not know if it is the result of the natural skin care I created for myself to use everyday or the kismet fruit but it is most likely the kismet fruit although having the skin care I created for myself helped. My eyes had become bluer than blue and was sparkling like blue sapphire with something mysterious inside, you could say if you look at my eyes you would blush whether you are female or male, I do not mean to brag, but it is the truth…

My hair originally was blonde in colour was now turning silvery blonde and seems to shine like it was made from gold, this is the result of the kismet fruit and conditioner I suppose. And my body was perfect with very little fat and just the right amount of muscle. And my breast surprisingly are growing even though they should not start so soon is it because of the kismet fruit ?

I was called by Juno this morning..

“Good morning lady Sarah , you look more and more beautiful each day”

“Thank you Juno, you don’t have to keep on complementing me each day”

“No I have to say it you are amazing taking swordsmanship, magic and learning manners every single day, I see how much effort you put into it”

“Thank you June, let’s go down, I still have to learn my healing magic”

Originally in the Otome Game “The Flowers of Love” Sarah had very weak magic powers in all elements even in healing magic, but after eating the kismet fruit for the last two years I realized that my body heals faster than normal and that my healing magic is growing at an abnormal rate. I wonder if this is a good thing or bad thing, in the original game Sarah did not have such a crazy and strong healing magic, by right a healer cannot heal themselves if they are injured but I can do that easily and once my magic tutor found out he said I was a genius goddess…

The magic tutors name was Harold he looked like an old butler with a white mustache. He was a retired healer and was almost called a saint, the strongest class of healer available that could heal a group of people in one go, but unfortunately he was never given the title as he could not heal everyone at once, but I can…

“Hello Harold, good morning to you today” I said that as I bowed my head.

“Good morning Sarah, had your breakfast yet?”

“Yes master Harold I had my breakfast already”

As I looked at him he had a wry smile as he stroked my hair, looking like an old cool grandpa.

“You know Sarah if I was a few years younger I would definitely marry you, even if it is for a short time I think I would be happy”

“I like spending time with you as well Harold” as I smiled at him, and can see Harold’s face blush in emberassment.

“You know Sarah one of these days you are going to give me a heart attack, and I think I might not mind it”

I smiled at him with my sweetest smile again and look at him with my blue eyes. I can see him wince and break off contact looking at my eyes and turn around grasping his heart.

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