Chapter 4 Fathers Day Part 1

Today I was going to spend time with my father as a birthday present for his birthday that had just passed. As I woke up I took a quick rinse, and repeated my daily beauty regimen, I glided down the stairs. As usual Juno my maid was with me as the rest of the butlers, maids and attendants smiled at me and greeted “Good morning lady Sarah”

“Good morning” I replied back and smiled, as I did that I could swear there were blushes from both the female and males nearby…

As I had my breakfast and had my kismet fruit I could swear that everyone had stopped working and was looking at me eat. “Geez can they not do something else other looking at me eat” I grumbled in my heart, it was disturbing having everything you do looked at and scrutinized.

After I finished my breakfast and daily routine I headed to the library.

Before I reached it there was a blonde lady in her late twenties looking at me crying “Sarah I missed you”, she grabbed me and hugged me with those two huge melons of her.

“Humph, mother you are choking me, your two items are choking me, don’t hug me so tight”, as I said that, I pushed her away from me. Her death choke hold was released slowly.

“Call me Mama, didn’t I say to call me Mama in the house you don’t have to be so formal”

“Mother !!”

She sighed at me and look at me with sad puppy eyes.

“Alright, Mama Good morning”

“Good morning my beautiful and sweet Sarah” she smiled and greeted me back with a big smile plastered across her face.

This was my mother Maria Von Hill the duchess of Mira. She was a strict lady, and was strict with my upbringing two years ago. I wondered what happened to her to make her so ditzy.

Maria Von Hill (Sarah’s Mom) POV

My name is Maria Von Hill, I am a Duchess more specifically the Duchess of Mira, I am Sarah’s mom.

When Sarah was born I did not love her, she was born ugly and I was strict with her. I kept my distance from her and said terrible things to her. I was a terrible mother.  When that terrible thing occurred (she lost her engagement to the prince), I was angry but not angry at the prince, I was angry at Sarah. The prince had insulted her and our family, I grew even angrier at her saw her less and spoke with her less.

But then suddenly two years ago she lost all her weight and her face changed to an abnormal degree. I could see that the change was extremely painful for her phsysically. I could see all the effort she put in to improve herself from the excercise she did, the swordsmanship, the magic she learned. As well as the étiquette lesson that she took, from a beautiful child she was changing to become a beautiful lady. I was beginning to admire her and loathe myself for being a useles mother.

I could see it in the eyes of my husband Daryl the Duke of Mira, the steely and loving gaze he had on Sarah every time he saw her. Daryl’s eyes glazed over every time he saw Sarah and always took her as the top priority. He would drop all his important work immediately whenever Sarah came to see him, making Sarah his top priority. And I could tell he was very proud of her and her determiniation to change for the better.

I could see Juno who dotted on her more like a mother than a servant. Always baking sweets or doing things for her that outside the scope of a maid. Juno would always go her room earlier than normal and wait for her to get up, she would do little things that you would not notice to support Sarah.

I could see Andre her guard looking at her like a lover and blushing every time she spoke. Andre cannot even take anyone bad mouthing her and would get angry when any of the servants call her a pig. None of the servants outside this house except for a select few knows how beautiful Sarah has become. Daryl the Duke of Mira wanted to keep it that way, he kept on mumbling something about keeping the wolves at bay before they can find his precious sheep.

As for me I regret what I had done to my beautiful daughter all the pain and resentment I pushed to her, I wish I could take it all back. From a few months ago I asked her to call me “mama” instead of “mother”, it’s how I feel she should address me in the house outside the formal setting. I have seen her grow more beautiful each day not only on the outside but on the inside as well, the lessons she takes so carefully on manners and events in the country. Her dedication to her studies and her kindness towards others even if they don’t deserve it.

I am one of the recipient of that kindness, when I approached her a few months ago and said “sorry” she said “what for” and said that I did nothing wrong, it made me break down and cry while I kept on saying sorry, sorry, sorry. She came up to me and hugged me as I smelled the sweet scent of flowers on her body and my mind calmed down. My hands grabbed Sarah and hugged her back. I can never forget that day. And I have sworn in my heart to do everything I can as a mother for her from that day onwards.

However one thing still bothers me is that stupid prince spreading the stories of how ugly Sarah is wherever he went. The prince kept on telling everyone he knows that Sarah is as fat as a pig and as ugly as a pig. It made all the nobles think that Sarah is extremely ugly. When I heard that, I was livid and wanted to tell the World they are wrong and that Sarah is beautiful. But I was stopped by my husband as he smiled, mumbling something about about how good it is that a stupid wolf is keeping other wolves away from his pretty sheep.

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