Chapter 5 Fathers Day Part 2

After I finished my greetings with my mother I charged ahead to my father’s work / study room to look for him. The room is covered by two smaller oaken wood doors like the library. As I knocked on the door and said “Father can I come in ?”, I heard a scrambling sound and papers being shuffled. Then a mans voice rang forward “Come in”

“Father Good morning, I came to spend time with you today. I have cleared all my schedule and devote my time only to you today” as I said that I looked at my father with my wide blue eyes shaped liked blue sapphires shining in the sun. For added effect I put on my sweetest smile for my father.

I could hear ruffling sounds and see the his male attendant’s face flushed red and that the guard guarding father seems to be grasping his chest.

“Sarah dear please ignore these two imbeciles next to me and call me papa”

Hmm I grumbled, it all started with mother now my father also wants me to call him papa.

I smiled again and said “Papa good morning”

The attendant almost keeled over and the guard seems to be covering his eyes.

“Come Sarah sit on my lap like you used to do when you were a child” as my father said that his cheeks were flushed red and his hand seems to be trembling. I think Father has been working too hard, he might be sick.

“Are you ok papa, your cheeks are red and you seem to be trembling ?”

“I am fine Sarah”, my father Daryl said.

“Alright papa.” As I said that I glided over to my father and sat on his lap. The attendants eyes went wide and his mouth formed an O shape.

“Are you alright Michael ?” My father glared at the attendant and asked him.

“I am fine, I am fine Sir Duke” Michael said.

We spent our afternoon like that with me sitting on fathers lap while he did his work. We talked quite a bit as well. He seems to be sniffing me like some wild animal as well, has my father turned weird like my mother and started to have a smell fetish ???

Daryl Von Hill’s / Father’s POV

My name is Daryl Von Hill, I am Sarah’s father, I have always loved Sarah even when she was a baby and always wished the best for her. Because I was good friends with the King he insisted on marrying the fourth prince (3rd prince and 4th prince are twins) to my daughter Sarah but I told him Sarah is not a World class beauty. But the King insisted and stated neither is his wife a World class beauty and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And what’s inside a person is more important than how he or she looks. And he will drum that into the 4th prince’s head that beauty  is not everything.

It was then an event happened when Sarah was celebrating her 7 years old birthday the 4th prince insisted on attending her birthday. That was the worse day for Sarah and also the worst day of my life. My heart hurt then when my beloved Sarah collapse from shock when the prince broke off the engagement. I had to be strong for Sarah that day. But to my surprise she came to see me in the library and propose a crazy plan to change her appearance and we talked for a long time that day and it made me get closer to her. I felt we are truly father and daughter and that our love for each other would last forever until one of us died. I agreed to implement her plan and ask her for some time to prepare it.

I was then shocked the next day Sarah began excercising and dieting, i could see how hard she tried every day running around the estate of our house early in the morning and dieting like crazy. Everyday Sarah ran ten rounds then fifteen rounds then twenty rounds until she started running more than one hundred rounds around the estate everyday. She looked different after a few months, her face shrunk, her body shrunk, she no longer had difficulty moving around.  And on top of it all the most surprising thing is that she change her diet from nobles meal to the diet of peasants preferring to eat more vegetables and fruits rather than meat. Though she does eat a small portion of meat everyday. She impressed me and I felt that I had to rush to implement her plan to change her features as soon as possible.

In three months time after that tragedy of losing her engagement, I had prepeared for Sarah the thing she wanted most, healers and magic users to change her features. But to my horror I found out she had to be awake for the magic to reshape her features to work. I tried to convince Sarah to give up on it and said that she was beautiful enough, but my dear beautiful lovely Sarah said no matter what she can do it with nerves of steel.

The project was a success and the next day after she woke up I was surprised and shocked at how beautiful she looked. Sarah was slender and did not have an ounce of fat on her, added to that her beautiful face and wonderful manners call out to you.  Arghhh what have I done I have created a precious beautiful sheep to devoured by hungry wolves around the World.

I decided then to protect Sarah and keep her beauty a secret from the outside World. I thought that would be the end of that but in the last two years her beauty had grown every day, I mean every day she grows more beautiful, not in months but in days… why is that. It made me even more nervous than I already was.

I got her a personal guard Andre to look after her but that guy is useless he looks at my daughter like a hungry wolf ready to devour her the moment she reach the age of consent. Arghh why does everything have to be so difficult. I do sometimes wish I had never helped Sarah to change her face, no, no , I can never say that I do not want my beautiful precious Sarah to hate her father.

I then found any gazes from my servants at my beloved Sarah irritating. She was an angel and I will protect that angel from the wolves. Another thing I myself have started to be effected by Sarah’s beauty, I find that she has a wonderful smell coming from her body which smells like flowers.

I also found it irritating when Sarah started calling her mother Mama and called me father, so I asked for the same treatment to be called Papa in the house and outside she can call me father.

Like today when Sarah came in I quickly shuffled my papers away to greet her like a lover waiting for his loved one. What is wrong me. And when she greeted me my face blushed and my hand trembled. What is wrong with me. I even asked her to sit on my lap, I mean she is nine years old is that sexual harassment… no, no it’s just a father’s love. I was even irritated at my attendant and guard for looking at my precious daughter.

When she sat on my lap I smelled her beautiful body which smells like a mixture of flowers. This is the smell her body started to produce a few years ago, I do not know when but since I smelled it have gotten addicted to it. I hope Sarah has not noticed I have been smelling her body, God knows if she ever find out I will be labeled a pervert and lose my dignity. And she will never look at her father agains with eyes of love and faith.

Hmm maybe I have a new idea to keep Sarah safe from all the wolves … since Andre the guard is useless… it’s like having the fox guarding the hen house.. (so begins Sarah’s next trial and tribulation).

A new brother…

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