The Necromancer’s Last Door (Second part)

Chapter 70

 I wonder what master meant by I showed her the answer to “The last door”?

 Then, matter answered as she removes her hat.

“When you were still young there was a time where Mereene broke my teacup, right?”

 Did something like that happen?

 I feel like it did.

 But no, I’m not really sure…..

“At that time I was wondering why the teacup broke into pieces even though Mereene did not use any powers. Where did such power came from”

 Now that I think about it, I feel like we did have such conversation before.

“At that time, you told me that ‘The one that is on a high place has such strong force’ “

 Hmmm, I can’t remember.


 What I probably told her was about potential energy. It’s something that is taught in physics during middle school.

 The teacup that was placed in a high position has a potential energy.

 If you drop the cup, the potential energy will gradually change into a kinetic energy and the cup would be destroyed.

 That’s all in to it.


 It seems like master had understood everything just from the snippets of information I gave her.

 An energy doesn’t start from nothing. it exis..Continue Reading

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