Talk Nonsense


Wangye must have his own plan.


He was only a minor officer with no rights.


He wasn’t even qualified to meddle with the nobles that worshiped by people.


Jun Yifan sat beside the inn owner, both of his eyes were calm as water, giving people a sense of huge impact and pressure.


Jun Yifan strictly asked: “Boss, I am the King Xuan from country Li, my father has heard of this matter and felt anxiety, hence in order to express his attention in this matter, he summoned me here to help Lord Wu investigate the case, I heard the incident of your daughter occurred last night, could you explain the process in detail for me?”


“Aye aye, I will tell you everything.”


The middle-aged man’s face looked stiff, he was shocked and almost peed in his pants.


The momentum he had earlier beating up his wife was already far gone.


His wife pulled him, he only realized he needs to react.


In his thought, King Xuan is worthy to be designated as the future His Royal Highness Prince.


Astonishing appearance, extraordinary temperament.


King Xuan just stood lightly has released a tremendous invisible pressure to the surroundings.


Ye Xing Tong stared at the middle-aged man obliquely.


Both of her eyes were full of disdain.


Even the man who was so violet has the time where he is afraid?


“Yesterday night was still fine, ever since weird things constantly happened, we tried to be as careful as we can and our heart was startled every day, we scared that someday misfortune might befall on us, so we inquired about the incident that people mostly who got involved in the incident were unmarried young men and women.”


“So we thought we should let our daughter marry to someone quickly, perhaps we could be safe and avoid the misfortune, we have set the marriage date three days after, who knew the incident just happened in this morning.”


The middle-aged man sighed when he talked.


Ye Xing Tong rolled her eyes when she was listening.


Uncle, people asked you about what happened during the incident.


Why are you talking nonsense here?


Jun Yifan must have known that he can’t get any useful information from the man.


During the midnight where no one is on the street was the best timing to do crimes.


Especially when everyone was asleep in their bed if any villain could do not let the victim make a sound…


That would be a perfect crime.


Nobody would know what scary things are happening inside.


“Where is your daughter’s body? Bring Lord Wu and me to take a look.”


Jun Yifan figured out the whole incident, he decided to take a look personally.


“Understood, I shall lead the way for you.”


The middle-aged man wiped his cold sweat on his forehead, he tried to answer calmly.


He made a please gesture and said: “Please follow me inside to the yard!”


Looking that Jun Yifan and Wu Jianxing followed the middle-aged man into the yard, Ye Xing Tong carried the tiny fox and followed as well.


“Lady are you interested in investigating the case too?”


Jun Yifan saw Ye Xing Tong followed them, he shook the fan in his hand, slightly raised his eyebrows.


Ye Xing Tong ignored his graceful posture shaking the fan, she smiled brightly and said: “That’s right, ever since I’m young, I really liked to investigate on strange things, and same goes for this case, I am very curious, perhaps I could make myself useful to help King Xuan at essential times.”


“Is that so? Then I shall wait for the lady to provide me some important clues.”


Jun Yifan meaningfully looked at Ye Xing Tung, and gave her a warm smile.


Even the tiny fox stayed in Ye Xing Tong’s arms gave her a despised look.


It could not do anything but gave her a scratch of its claw.


This dead woman.


You have just overestimated yourself!


This matter isn’t as simple as you common people could think of, it isn’t something that can be solved by you.


You’re just an ordinary mortal, do you think that you could fight the powerful magical creatures?


“Hey, you this evil fox, are you seeking for death! You bit me and even scratched me, I was so good to you, but you are an ungrateful evil thing.”


Ye Xing Tong felt a slight pain in her hand.


So she pinched its fire red ears heavily.


But she didn’t know that the soft fluffy ears held in her hand were so comfortable.


A tiny fox with pretty snowy white furs, but it has such a bad temper.


The tiny fox was trying to burn its eyes angrily with fire and pulled its claw out trying to give Ye Xing Tong another scratch.


Ye Xing Tong wasn’t a normal people though.


She wouldn’t let it scratch her of course.


One of her hand hugged it and another hand quickly held its claws.


It can’t move anymore.


She felt proud of herself and said: “See if you dare to scratch me again, if you move again then I’ll throw you away immediately.”


Somewhere far in the tiny fox’s eye, Ye Xing Tong was unable to see through its upset.


Currently, it is too weak.


Even a normal human was able to bully it.


Since the day it has lost its eight tails, it’s magical powers were also lost.


Although it was healed on the surface.


However, after it was beaten up by its lovely cousin brother, it suffered another heavy injury by the lightning of the god.


Hence its body was severely injured.


It doesn’t have a choice now since it was living under someone’s house, it must not be enraged, let her be it as for now!


Just wait, because someday when its magical power has recovered, it will surely teach that little brat a lesson.


Jun Yifan saw the fox was well-behaved and listened to what Ye Xing Tong just said, he ridiculed at her: “You have grown so pretty that even the fox has been impressed by your charm.”


Normally, if the ladies heard the handsome King Xuan praised them, they would be so shy that their faces were covered all in red.


They would shyly bow their heads and say softly: “Thank you King Xuan for your praise.”


However, Ye Xing Tong was someone who lived over two decades.


She reacted normal and smiled calmly: “Thank you King Xuan, but I know myself well that I’m not as what you said.”


Now she doesn’t feel excited by the great praising words of men.


In the last decade, the times when Jin Qicai was frantically pursuing her, she has already listened to a lot of these words.


That time when he praised her, her ears would immediately turn red and her heartbeat will go fast.


She really thought that she was the happiest woman in the world.


Now that she thought about it, behind of those sweet words were all lies planned by Jin Qicai.


He was just trying to use her noble princess’ identity to reach the sky in a single bound.


After that, he would kick her off like a useless trash and propose to his childhood lover.


Rights, status, and lover, he would be able to obtain all of those.


While she was only a bridge for him to fulfill his dreams, to him, she was nothing but a puppet doll.


After he obtained the highest status and grasped the rights, he would cross the river and tear down the bridge so there will be none of her business anymore.


She will be thrown and asked to get lost.


While both King Xuan and Ye Xing Tong were talking, they have arrived at the daughter’s room.


The moment they went in, the tiny fox opened both of its flashing red eyes.


It sensed that the room has the breath of the same kind.


The scene was similar to the shadow that flew by the window last night.


It pouted its lips and looked at Ye Xing Tong, some thoughts flashed over its eyes.


Soon it felt to let things drift if they do not affect one personally and laid on her arms lazily.


Ye Xing Tong might be hateful and pungent, but the unique scent of her female body was so good and comfortable.


Also, she has a little bit good of body shape.

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