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Chapter 113


It was almost midnight by the time they finally finished dinner. After bidding good night to Su Meimei, who had finished washing all the bowls and chopsticks, Chu Rui went to the bathroom to take a shower before going back to his room and logging into the game. It was a new day after twelve a.m., which meant he had time to play games again.


Just as he was preparing to put on his game helmet, he was interrupted by his phone going off. It was Ms. Qin’s number!


“Hey, what’s up?” Chu Rui said. He was curious why she called him in the first place so late at night, but still decided to pick up.


“Rui, what’s wrong with Xiaofei?” Ms. Qin’s anxious voice startled Chu Rui. Chen Xiaofei? Had something happened to her? Was it the same two punks messing with Su Meimei?


“What happened?” Chu Rui said. His voice was heavy, filled with killing intent that he tried to hide. If Chen Xiaofei had

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