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Chapter 114: The Invite from Sasha


In a flash of light, Chu Rui entered the game. Looking at the clock, it was about 1 AM.


Chu Rui was perplexed by Su Meimei’s and Chen Xiaofei’s issues, as well as Ms. Qin’s phone call. Since as long as he could remember, he always had a plan; however, he completely lost himself at that moment. His coldness was always consistent and solid. In terms of killing, there weren’t a lot of people in the world that could equal him.


But in terms of romance, he was absolutely inexperienced, having never escaped from bachelorhood in his life. Chu Rui knew that love was precious, and had to be kept, but what fruit does it bear? There are some things in life that you can’t change, and there is nothing perfect in this world. In romance, love was love, and hate was hate.


Maybe you’ll hide your deep, most inner thoughts in order to spare someone from pain. But eventually, you’ll have to do it. When the day comes that you have to face them no matter what, when you have to face yourself, you’ll realize that your so-called “protection”, only further contributed to their suffering; a wracking, excruciating agony.


Quick, rational decisions are essential. Don’t second-guess, don’t be afraid of harming others. Because the longer you drag, the deeper the wound becomes.


Chu Rui has never developed an interest towards the relationship between men and women. He didn’t feel too bad because of this; love couldn’t only consist of words. He decided to stop worrying, and survive the hardest he could. As for what happens next, who knows? Right now, all he can do is wait.


The irritable Chu Rui stood by an open window, taking in the cold wind. He watched….


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