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Here is Chapter 115.


Whatever doubt Chu Rui had towards Shinjide’s revolting transformation was long gone. He was extremely grateful that he learned it; for if he sold it in the market, it would’ve been a huge waste. In this period, even a gold-tier skill is something to gloat over. Although he couldn’t promise that his Shadow-Gold Weapon was the only one in existence, it was possible that Chu Rui was the only one who owned a weapon from that tier.


Legendary lived up to its name: it was truly the stuff of legends. The equipment tier is already rare enough, a Legendary skill book would be infinite times more valuable. And gear is just gear, something you can switch out of at any time. Skills are learned forever and permanently, the more powerful the more valuable.


An example would be his skill, “Last Stand”. When paired with “Final Stand’s” buffs, he could even hit twenty thousand damage against a gold-ranked Boss….


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