Hello all, here is Chapter 116.

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The cutting-edge game “Kismet” is truly unmatched. Players enter through brainwave scanning, eliminating the possibility of gender faking. Whatever you are will be what you’ll look like. If you really want to forge your biological sex, a trip to Thailand would be a must. * Even though the game’s system settings can change character features, this modification only accounts for 10%. Under comparison, it really isn’t that much different from reality.


*Thailand is known for transsexual surgeries and population. Search “Thailand kathoey” to learn more.


Sasha, Tianer, and the Druid were unquestionably real-life charmers. First was the elegant, bold swordswoman’s gentle beauty, then the fierce, wild quality-loli follows. Her soft, pouting plea of “big brother” heated the nearby players’ blood to boiling point. The scalding flames of anger and envy almost burnt Chu Rui to a crisp.


Under the surrounding pressure and stares, Chu Rui felt a chill in his heart. Under so many peoples’ bloodlust, the bulky atmosphere became unbearable. What’s more, these are sex crazed horn-dogs brimming in envy. If something else happens, Chu Rui will definitely…..


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