Chapter 182 Something Suspicious


“Wu Cuihong, you’re absolutely vile! I can’t believe you’d even consider using poison on Tang Zheng.” Fang Shishi’s voice trembled; she couldn’t control her rage.


“He deserves it,” thundered Wu Cuihong, “He’s been working against me this whole time. You can’t blame me for wanting to get rid of him.”


“You have no shame at all. Back then when Tang Zheng was in Class One, he earned back so much honor for you! And now you throw it all to the wind,” Fang Shishi said.


Wu Cuihong’s expression became cold. “That’s only part of what he should have done in the first place. A poor little brat like him comes to our school and is spared all tuition–if he didn’t try to earn some honor for himself, then what would he be useful for? Wouldn’t all that money be going to waste?”


After her initial panic, Wu Cuihong became calm once more. She still believed in her authority over students as a teacher, and wasn’t afraid even when being exposed.


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