Hello all, here is Chapter 18.

Chapter 18: Scapegoats and Good Men


The simple necessities of a story are time, setting, and character; however, plot attributes require an introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.


Our previous story satisfied these requirements. It’s a full, well-rounded story.


But, after every ending and finale, there are new beginnings, no?


I couldn’t envision my fate.


My peaceful revisit to my normal life was short-lived. Our story is far, far from ending.


Unprepared, I was flung to her insanity again.



When I thought that everything was perfectly solved, I placed my priority on my upcoming finals.


The first years’ finals served as the final dividend of classes. It determined the distribution between science and liberal arts.


Through this test, the original ABCDEF classes would be rearranged into science classes ABCD, and humanities classes AB.


Knowing my own strengths and structures, I decided to strive for sciences.


I hoped that through this test, I would be able to at least reach Class B. It’s already designated as accelerated, and the schedule would be the same as the elite Class A. I’ve been working hard to reach this goal in the past year.


Usually, humanities classes are rather similar, relying on simple memorization and gathered knowledge over time. Cramming before tests don’t always…..


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