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Several days of rain passed by our city.


The air felt much fresher than before, and it wasn’t as hot. Only last week, I was walking home sweating like a pig. Even if I drank as much water as I can, my lips will still stay dry and cracked.


Now that summer has passed, early autumn is right around the corner.


Now, I could be walking home with the cool wind in my face and a smile on my lips. But at the moment, I stood before the lobby of a high-end, expensive apartment with an ominous feeling.


Yep, that’s right. We’re here again, at Jiang Muqing’s house. I’ve come once more.


Leaning on the polished marble under the shade, I reflected on my situation. I thought about the incomprehensible Jiang Muqing, and the naïve Lu Fan, thinking that he could solve everything so easily.


If one were to meet again with a past friend or acquaintance, they must first think of the past experiences and relationships they’ve had with that person, especially their attitude….


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