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The sound of a fruit blender blasted from the kitchen.


I sat on the living room sofa, tensely waiting for the girl’s chilled juice.


Before I walked in, the black cat was comfortably napping in a curled position. But once I sat down, it seemed to sense the presence of a stranger, and swept its lazy eyes around the room. The black, sharp pupils fixated on my face. *


*You’re not hallucinating, and I didn’t skip anything. Our Lu Fan is currently in Jiang Muqing’s apartment. This is a mini time-skip. The whole story will be revealed as you read on.


It meowed and snarled, seeming to be annoyed.


Looks like it didn’t forget the hasty kick I made that day. We probably will never be friends.


It silently watched me for a while, and suddenly stretched its legs to jump. It leaped to the coffee table in front of me from the….


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