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I started to plan in my head.


Judging from Jiang Muqing’s symptoms, I should go to the root of her problems. I decided on a surefire way to cure her.


I hope that I can tame her just by using this one plan. I was confident in my hunches.


The general tactic was this.


Didn’t Jiang Muqing say that there’s no one that cares about her? Then I’ll get more people to do just that, and distract her attention on me, to other people. That way, I can move further away from her, and we’ll return to a regular classmate relationship.


There are two ways to achieve this.


The first was a calm and gradual approach.


I’ll help her make some friends that she can chat with, and help her develop her own hobbies and interests. Next, she’ll make some…


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