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V2 Chapter 8: Alaskan Frozen Volcano


In conclusion, light novels are not a suitable hobby for Jiang Muqing.


It was just like injecting an allergic medicine into a patient’s bloodstream, causing a massive negative response.


After I explained with great difficulty, she finally realized that authors might not be the same as the novels they write. Although a protagonist’s mind can be similar to the writer, a great majority of characters are purely for the sake of plot.


Just like a professional actor casting a character in a movie set, it didn’t mean that he/she had to have the same characteristics or personality as the individual they were playing as.


There are indeed writers who implement a protagonist’s personality as a part of themselves, but the actual number of people who do that are very little.


So people who write about harem don’t necessarily want harem, people who write about gender-benders aren’t necessarily dissatisfied with their bodies, and people who write about homosexual….


I’ve never written about that in the first place, okay?!


But Jiang Muqing wasn’t fully convinced.


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