Hello all, here is Volume 2, Chapter 9.

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V2 Chapter 9: Studying Is Enough


See, all girls like sweet stuff.


After the “Alaskan Frozen Volcano” was served on the table, Mo Shiyu’s eyes never left the sundae in the giant glass bowl.


With the air-conditioner, ice cream, and chilled drinks, we quickly cooled down in the cold-themed ice cream shop.


As we felt a lot better, it was a lot easier to start chatting. To my surprise, the haughty, arrogant Mo Shiyu started to tell me some of the interesting everyday occurrences between the class and the homeroom teacher.


Although I wasn’t really interested about other people, I tried to listen the best I can since she seemed so happy to talk about it.


I took the chance that she was in a good mood, and wanted to clear up any misunderstandings that happened before. I still remembered her words, “You’ve been a sore in my eyes recently”. *


*It’s been a while, so if you’ve forgotten, Lu Fan is referring to Volume 1 Chapter 18, “Scapegoats and Good Men”.


“Class Rep, everybody’s kind of terrified of your memorization quizzes. You’re even stricter than the teacher.


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