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V2 Chapter 10: A Gratitude Gone Cold


When the sky immersed to complete darkness, I dragged my fatigued body home.


Since the time was later than what I expected, I ran straight into evening rush hour. The bus was crowded both inside and outside.


The cumbersome bus inched painstakingly through the dense traffic, and I stood on my toes to look out the window.


I was almost to my breaking point, and kept pleading in my heart to whatever god was out there.


If there really is one.


Why are there so many people in our city?


Why are there so many people in our country?


Why are there so many people in our world?


There are too many humans, the number of us has already fallen out of nature’s pattern. Humans have exceeded the magnetic field of the environment, suffocating the space of other living creatures as well as itself.


To survive, we’ve locked down our bountiful, natural habitat with our own conscience.


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