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V2 Chapter 11: Uncontrollable Emotions (Part 1)


I received a phone call.


“Mom, where are you, are you not coming home today?”


I heard a lot of noise in the background, there seemed to be a party going on.


“Haven’t I been working on the new book for a month? It’s finally published, and the author just has to treat us editors to a meal, and I really can’t push it off. I’ll be home a little late today.” Mom’s blurred voice came from the speaker.


“Hey, Jiang Muqing is still at our house, it’s not really okay to leave her here alone with me!”


I was close to shouting.


“Idiot son, I believe in ya. Behave well, and don’t do anything strange.”


I couldn’t believe that Mom didn’t feel any sense of danger whatsoever, and only let me off with a reminder.


“You better come home soon, or else prepare to be a grandmother, Mom!”


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