Hello all, here is Volume 2, Chapter 12.


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V2 Chapter 12: The Yandere’s Tragedy Loop


Notice: The following content is mature. However, I can guarantee that anyone who disagrees with mature content will not be disappointed at the end of this chapter.  I also can guarantee that the genre will not change.


I never thought that I would abandon my virginity at the young age of sixteen, much less in my own home, my own bed, no condoms, and with a girl that any girl would find absolutely beautiful.


After throwing her roughly on the bed, I quickly took off all my clothes.


My head was devoid of reason. My body coursed with hot, boiling blood and a beast-like lust.


I straight up jumped on her, holding her down with one hand and ripping her loose towel off with the other.


I crazily bit her lips, her pale neck, her slender ribs, and further down…


My body pushed hers down, and my hands groped every soft spot on her body.


But strangely, as my plaything, the girl didn’t let out a single moan under my offensive attacks. All she did was widen her eyes, tip the edges of her mouth, and stare at me blankly.


Is it not enough?


What an ambitious woman, I’ll give you all I have tonight.

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