Hello all, here is Volume 2, Chapter 13.


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V2 Chapter 13: A Ghost in My Heart


I mobilized all of my imagination and hypothetic skills, completing the reversal taming process. I also managed to take advantage of Jiang Muqing’s lack of legal knowledge, and successfully manipulated that factor. I pulled her twisted emotions out of the dead end it was racing towards.


I’ve long since considered the possibility that she would prove I loved her through sexual means.


If I conjectured the future terrifying events very exaggeratedly and stop her in her steps, the problem would naturally dissipate.


And the result of that little hypothesis was a total blockade of the girl’s hopes of achieving true love through intercourse.


It seems that this sudden, emergency treatment has somehow succeeded. But what still pained my heart was the obvious sign that she didn’t believe I loved her anymore.


To gain her trust on my love is the first foundation I needed to lay out in order to stabilize her emotions. It was also the key to protecting her from her own heart.




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