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Tensei Slime

Chapter 226  Eroding Labyrinth – Part 1


I saw Veldora off. He kept looking back regretfully till he finally left.

He sure doesn’t know when to give up. It does seem like he really doesn’t want to go but he did indeed take away a large amount of magic essence from me so I do want him to at least arbitrate the situation between his sisters.

And besides, no one except a dragon can arbitrate a fight between other dragons.

And I sure don’t wanna go.

And thus, I sent off Veldora without compromising.


It is probably right to think that the amount of military strength Velda has left is very low.

From what I squeezed out from Dino, it seems Velda has like 14 upper echelons.

After getting to know about Dagrule’s defeat, he was shocked and went like ‘Geh, are you serious!? To think that old man would lose…”. After which, he decided to open up.

I am still not quite sure if it’s true or not but I think Velda doesn’t have any more hidden strength. I mean, that doesn’t even happen in ‘shounen mangas’…Continue Reading Chapter

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