Five People and (2)







The thug was sneaking away stealthily from his place and approaching Riley when a sword suddenly came out of the blue. Riley shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.


“What, what is this?”




The tired and breathless thug saw a sword slammed into the sand. He saw Sera when he turned his head, who was completely involved in the battle.


“That, that bitch!”


The sword that she threw away somehow managed to graze her face. The thugs who were already tired changed their facial expressions and began to move in at a faster pace.


‘Let us get hold of a hostage! I will give out a cry!’


Sera, who was blocking the stream of weapons that were flying towards her, saw the sight of the thugs who were approaching Riley and his group and bit her lip.


‘The, the accuracy rate…..’


This was the first time that she had met someone who was worthy of being her opponent, so she bit her lip.


‘Just like that……’


‘…… the sword?’…Continue Reading




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